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Gypsy Chic Touch of Gold Color of Summer

age of kendall jenner.

Nov 24, 2014 / , , , ,

It's easy to dismiss Kendall as a member of a somewhat notorious celebrity-family, using the name given to her as a way to move up in the fashion world. This is a harsh label but one that could easily be attributed to the 19-year-old rising supermodel. But, going against the stereotype, Kendall Jenner (or, as she is trying to reinforce, just Kendall) has proved so many of us wrong. Her seemingly hard-rock work ethic, ability to rise above her family name, and her modesty in interviews has given us an all-new impression of her. Natural beauty is key in Kendall's look, as she is often seen without makeup on her wildly-popular Instagram account and in so many other pieces of work. Proclaimed social media sensation has stunningly-shaped brows, an enviable height and beautiful doe eyes. Joining the ranks of Cara, Karlie, and even Joan, Kendall has skyrocketed in the modeling industry and it's wonderfully reassuring to know she has accomplished much of it on her own. This is debatable, of course, but there's no denying that she has done much in the past month itself. Speaking of this herself, Kendall says, "'I think if my sister's sitting in the front row, and my sister is who she is, it sounds weird, but it would have almost taken the attention away from what I'm trying to do on my own.' The only downside of having a 'dual citizenship' (coined by the NY Times) as both a celebrity/model? The constant romantic linkups and tabloids, for one thing. But despite this, Kendall seems to be powering through and is definitely one of my favorite models of the moment. With this amazing editorial for Vogue, the crowning glory of being the new face of Estée Lauder, and a fabulous feature for the New York Times (read here), it's been quite a month for her.

Her editorial for American Vogue is just the beginning (I'm predicting a cover soon!). Photographed by the renowned Patrick Demarchelier, Kendall donned the best of Spring collections. The theme of the editorial is 'party season', explaining the plethora of rhinestone-covered gowns, cocktail dresses and subtly-sexy midis. My personal favorite is the covetable, iridescent Dolce and Gabbana dress, paired with polished black boots. Her versatility as a model is evident – she pulls off Christopher Kane's wonderfully-feminine lace concoctions as beautifully as she does with Balmain's sleek, retro look. My personal favorites aShe transitions effortlessly from look to look, with an ease any model would strive for. In this way, the young Kardashian-Jenner is showing the fashion world her true abilities as a model – and not just a pretty face. 

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in the gardens.

Nov 10, 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Top: Hollister & Co.
Jeans: Zara
Wedges: H&M
Bag: Karl Lagerfeld
Necklace (see below): Juicy Couture
Bracelet: Kate Spade

In the second set of outfits shot with the lovely Katya in London, we further explored the Lodge Gardens in Regent's Park. This tucked-away, isolated region of the park features striking foliage, serene benches and reading areas, and stunningly-designed floral designs everywhere. In every shot taken, an abundance of violet and magenta flowers are dotting the background, in contrast with my very city-esque ensemble. While the lovely peasant blouse – a surprising concoction by Hollister, which usually features more evidently 'mainstream' clothing – was in keeping with the location of the shoot, the other high-street buys certainly had a more urban vibe to them. This outfit features more labels than usual, ranging from Karl Lagerfeld to Kate Spade, but were all some of my recent buys in the wonderful city of London, where shopping is accessible and ultimately rewarding. I am so grateful that Katya and I were able to find such a beautiful location to shoot, and we got to enjoy the surroundings as well as getting some amazing shots in between. 

My all-time favorite aspect of this outfit is the crossbody bag by Karl Lagerfeld. While the legendary fashion designer is more known for his reign at Chanel, his own line is just as impressive. While visiting the Regent Street store, I fell in love with this versatile bag, featuring elegant gold embellishments and a textured base. Black and gold is a new combination for me, but one I am beginning to appreciate more and more. The Juicy Couture necklace – with it's lucky horse-shoe shape – was another gold addition, with the Kate Spade bangle topping it off. Versatility is key when buying jeans, as they are always a staple item to have ready in your closet. This pair of Zara jeans, with a slightly-faded quality, is one I have been wearing multiple times since I first bought it, with its casual yet chic design. The outfit was collectively tied together with my H&M wedges – seen in previous outfit posts – giving it the ultimate city-girl vibe I was channeling. And London is the best kind of city to do this in. Thanks to Katya for capturing one of my favorite looks and one of my most memorable days in the city!

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rizalman for zalora.

Nov 2, 2014 / , , , , , , ,

If there has ever been an affordable, well-designed line of dresses that balances style and ethnic appeal, it is Rizalman. The renowned designer from Kuala Lumpur has made a splash in the fashion world with his stunningly-created line of dresses and cultural wear. When it comes to ethnic clothing, Rizalman has incorporated culture into striking 'jubahs' and 'baju kurungs' – clothes that are worn throughout Malaysia and other countries in the area. An elite air is infused into the clothing, with regal and royal elements adorning the couture-like concoctions. All-lace creations, subtle color-blocking, and smooth, flowing silhouettes; what more could you ask for? Rizalman for Zalora Singapore offers all this and more. Look out for a refined neutral-toned maxi gown, with several boxy cuts enhancing the overall vibe, and Rizalman's breathtaking range of royal-blue dresses with silver additions. Silver and gold is skillfully used throughout the collection, further fueling the elegant aspect that it so clearly provides. A personal favorite quality of each of these pieces is the masterful cuts seen in each dress – taking any maxi gown to an unprecedented level of appeal. The designer is described by Zalora to have 'the wisdom of one who recognizes when to stay clear of the beaten path', which indicates just how wonderfully he has pulled off the reinvention of this exquisite clothing line. When looking for accessible, incredibly-designed couture, Rizalman for Zalora is the place to go.

Head over to Zalora now to check out more of these covetable designs!