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Gypsy Chic Touch of Gold Color of Summer

best of singapore: part 1.

Oct 27, 2014 / , , , , , , , , ,

If there is one quality about Singapore which elevates its already-renowned status as a commercially successful city, it is the food. From the variety of cafés and restaurants offered to residents and tourists to the quality of the food that is somehow maintained throughout the island – food is both chic and delicious. This perfect combination is available in too many places to name in just one post, so here is the first of many posts outlining the best of Singapore; it is time for the island to be appreciated for all that it is offering!
Common Man Coffee Roasters: For all those caffeine-addicts out there looking for a refined alternative to Starbucks, Common Man Coffee Roasters is the place for you. Located in a quieter area of this bustling city, you would expect the café to be a little quainter than others but thanks to its loyal fanbase, it is always alive with a trendy, well-dressed crowd. The food is more than Instagram-worthy, with amazing, ombré-toned iced coffee and French Toast which will have you coming back for more. The first time I went (above right), I was instantly won over by the scrumptious latte offered. Pictured above is a beautiful off-shoulder top from Crayon Singapore (found in Haji Lane) – look out for it in upcoming outfit posts! I would recommend Common Man for an early breakfast or brunch – it is the perfect start to any day. 
House @ Dempsey: The location of my 17th birthday brunch is also known as the ultimate brunching spot in Singapore. As I mentioned here, House is known for an adorable decor, bundles of natural light, and edgy adornments throughout the location. As for the food and beverages offered, I turned to the incredible pancakes – topped with candy-colored fruit and whipped cream – and a watermelon cooler. The drinks range from a minty melon to pineapple pitstop; I was pleasantly-surprised to see a dose of healthy living offered in between the other extravagant options. Though I've only dropped by House a few times, I know it'll be a favorite for the future.
P.S. Cafe Petit: If there is any place which every resident of Singapore knows, it is P.S. Cafe. Elegance, minimalism, and distinct flavors blend together to create this wildly-popular phenomenon, with locations through the island. While I usually go to the most well-known branch in Dempsey, I was looking for a new spot and one closer to home. P.S. Cafe Petit, now on Martin Road, is just a walk away from my house and a current favorite of mine. The cafe is located near Common Man Coffee Roasters (making this area even more covetable!) and offers a menu with significant differences from other P.S. Cafe locales. The large space is relatively crowded on weekends, but with beautiful outdoor setting and a quick takeaway option, it is bound to make a place in the hearts of all P.S. Cafe fans – and attract new customers. I brunched there just a few weekends ago (pictured above, right) and had, what is safe to say, one of my best meals at this range of restaurants yet. 
P.S. Cafe – Ann Siang Hill: Yet another version P.S. Cafe, but it is worth it. In the beautiful neighborhood containing Club Street and a string of delightful dining options, this P.S. Cafe sits atop Ann Siang Hill Park, surrounded by peaceful foliage and a height with a view of the streets beneath. The ambiance of this location is a little more sophisticated, with a darker color palette dominating the majority of decor. With this edge of opulence, the eating spot is only heightened with the quality of food and dessert – which is a definite highlight. Check out the incredible menu here, if you're not convinced!

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What are your favorites in Singapore? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more of Singapore's best lifestyle options!



Oct 23, 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Top: Mango
Skirt: Forever 21
Wedges: H&M
Earrings (seen in the first photograph): Lovisa

While I brought in my actual birthday in the city of Bombay (which, as many of you know, was my home for the first six months of 2014), I celebrated my 17th with a Saturday brunch in Singapore itself. The four days I spent in Bombay were a heavenly homecoming – it's been hard to be apart from the city I call home and the people I considered family. More on that later, with a post outlining my lovely weekend and all the gorgeous places I went. Singapore, too, is a home for me and it was important to celebrate my 17th here. The brunch took place at the gorgeous House at Dempsey. The restaurant, tucked away in the quaint Dempsey Hill – renowned for its immaculate selection of eating spots – is ideal for brunch, with delightfully quirky decor and a drool-worthy breakfast menu. From truffle fries (a personal favorite) to the fruit-covered waffles to the most fabulous range of smoothies, House has something to offer to everyone. For anyone looking to find a new, and aesthetically-pleasing, dining option, House is elegant and edgy, a perfect combination. Check out more of the food – and photographs of House itself – on their Instagram account here. The afternoon was a great way to celebrate, though two weeks late, my seventeenth birthday.

In terms of the outfit, I opted for one of the many maxi-skirts that I've purchased or been given in the past few months. There's something about the freedom of this skirt, synonymous with the length, along with the air it evokes, that has been so appealing for brands today. Maxi skirts have an undeniable combination of sophistication and sensuality. Forever 21's latest offering achieves this, with a gorgeous Grecian silhouette created through the slit on either side of the skirt. The abstract print, in a paint-splattered style, incorporated a color palette of three equally compelling hues: black, indigo, and white. With the skirt being as vivid and creatively-designed as it is, the black bandeau from Mango retained the skirt's character of being the statement piece. In keeping with the high-street labels I chose to adorn, I opted for a versatile pair of black H&M wedges. With three of the ultimate high-street brands as a part of my ensemble, topped off with hair styled at Jantzen the day before, I was ready to be 17. 

- M

a moment with ethan k.

Sep 28, 2014 / , , , , , , ,

On a rainy Thursday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Ethan Koh, a now renowned luxury handbag designer. Ethan, a native Singaporean, divides his time between London and Singapore – while also hopping from one fashion capital to the next on the monthly basis. (Think Moscow, New York, and Paris!) In his beautiful family home, Ethan temporarily converted his study to be a makeshift studio of sorts, perfect for displaying the many products his loyal Singaporean customers covet. Ethan grew up in a family where crocodile leather was their trademark passion; their home is just a few minutes away from the tannery. From the minute we shook hands, Ethan was a delight to talk to, sharing his undying love for fabulous craftsmanship and the dying art of luxury. Currently stocked at Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue, among dozens of other boutiques in Paris and Moscow, Ethan K has made a splash internationally and in his hometown with his candy-colored creations. 
While talking to Ethan about his designs, I had the delight of trying on my favorite bags (see below!) Color plays a key role in defining Ethan's aesthetic, with vivid tones setting his leather bags apart from the rest. Growing up in Singapore, Ethan stated, allowed him to experience the enriching culture that Asia provides. From the dragonfruit magenta hue to the deep colors of the flora Singapore offers – all these factors influenced and fueled his creations. This is evident in each bag he has placed such detail in. Among my favorite designs were the smaller, petite bags, with delicate animal-shaped buttons adorning them. While speaking to, Ethan said, 'Creating a beautiful crocodile skin bag isn't the kind of skill you can learn from a book'. His inherent knowledge of bags and leather was only enhanced through his fashion education in London. The dying art of creating such bags is being brought back to life with Ethan's designs, and his determination to let the sign of luxury and taste live on.  Ethan captures his aim – which he has fulfilled – in an interview with Straits Times. 'Luxury, to me, is truly bespoke.' 

To learn more about Ethan K. and his designs, check out this lovely video by The New York Times, in which Ethan chats with Suzy Menkes. A big thank you to Ethan and his team for the pleasure of seeing his creations in person!