Talking to Myself

May 29, 2010

Almost everyday, I question my obsession with fashion. Really, I do. At school, fashion is labelled as shallow, and "too girly." But, after a lot of thinking, I have realized that fashion is just another way of life. After reading a post on Style Rookie here, I realized fashion is just a way of living, a way of looking at things. Fashion is bold-that's one of the best things about it. With fashion and you can be completely you and express yourself. It can tell people things you can't say out loud. Your clothes can be a description of you and your mind.
Maybe fashion isn't snobby, as some people think it is. I think, that if you keep an open mind, and change your thinking a little bit, you can see something in a totally different way. You can see the beauty in things you never thought you would see beauty in.
To end this session of talking (typing!) to myself, I found a quote that inspired me, and showed me a lot about what the world can really be.
"I'd like to think that I've helped people to see that everything-including fashion-is part of the broader world, and if you make those connections, it can be relevant."- Robin Givhan, award-winning fashion journalist.



  1. hey M
    that was really good=)
    i love it=)
    fashion is art...its the way u express your inner self=)

  2. meera. you are soo good at writing!!!

  3. this is truly great. wonderful spoken words of wisdom. for a long time and still, people assume I have endorsed shallow dreams and have not depth as a result. fashion is an art form, and I'm glad you've said it again!


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