I'm Back! (With Mixed Feelings)

Jun 19, 2010

I'm home.
I said goodbye to London, Barcelona, great shopping, and spending time with my cousins. Now I'm back, (after getting a high-fever, cough, and cold on the flight-ugh!) and I'm actually happy to be home. I can start blogging more, go to camp, and just laze around at home-my favorite summer pastime. :)
At the same time, it'll probably be one more year till I go to Europe again. Sigh. 
Look out for some great street style from my days in Europe. (I'm thinking about adding another sigh, but I'm happy to be home!)

Anyways, I wanted to blog about something that has taken over the television and music world-Glee. Some people hate it, some people are indifferent to it, but I think most people love it. I know I do! The first season has ended with a tons of surprises, but I won't reveal anything. I was hoping to find out what you guys think about Glee, too! Let me know!

I <3 Glee!


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  1. Glee is fabulously entertaining! Subtle and sometimes not so subtle; it teaches life's lessons to teens and adults. The music is amazing and it is pure joy to see them perform.


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