London Girl (Part 2): Featuring Hot Pink Doors and Even More Elephants

Jun 30, 2010

More London. This time, more of the city. I absolutely LOVE London and I saw the most amazing things. First up, pink doors. I mean, who doesn't love pink (don't answer that) and pink doors are even better! :) I saw them while I was walking with my Mom, cousin, Ria, and sister, Diya. So cute!

I wish I could have this kind of door for my house. Sigh...

Now, for more cute elephants! I saw these around the city and I think they are gorgeous. You?

So, in order, their names are:
1. Sir Percy
2. Impossiphant
3. Daisies (Outside The Hilton)
4. Ziggy (In Selfridges)
5. Elhi

Which one is your favorite? I love them all! Ziggy is so sparkly! Elhi is so glossy! (Sorry, little hyper today! See all the exclamation points?)


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