Post #17: In Which I Discuss My Obsession With Coach Poppy

Jun 25, 2010

Seventeen posts already! I mean, I've seen blogs with a "Happy 100th Post!" post, so it's not much to celebrate. But I feel like I am seventeen posts closer to that landmark.

On a completely different topic, I wanted to share a collection that I love. As I am watching The Parent Trap with my friend and sister, I am browsing my Mom's MacBook, and I found pictures of my wristlets from a brand I love. It's unique, funky, and wearable, unlike some brands that everyone loves, but are completely outrageous to use or wear. It's Coach Poppy. I love this Coach brand! Coach is really elegant and sophisticated, but a whole new side of it comes out from this line-an extraordinary, party-girl version of the Coach girl. I think this comes out in the bright colors and patterns of the Poppy collection. Below are my sister, Diya, and my Coach wristlets. (Mine: left. Diya's: right.)

In conclusion, (I have to start watching The Parent Trap again), I love Coach Poppy, I am proud of my 17th post, and I just can't stop blogging. Gotta go, before I type even more than I already have.



  1. i love these bags iand i love the colorfull pattern my friend has 1 of them!! i love coach poppy 2!!! i hav 2 things from there! lol

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  3. these little purses are always useful when you are in a hurry to go out and don't wanna look too trashy!
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