London Girl (Yet Again) Part 3: Finishing Off With London's Style Icons

Jul 1, 2010

Like my two previous posts (if you read my blog), this one features more elephants. Really, when I think about it, these sculptures have taught me that everything and anything is beauty and art. I mean, I would never have thought that elephants could have been made into the kind of art they were at this London event. So, here the my last few favorite elephants...

Elephants (in order from top to bottom):

1. Arthur
2. Wooly Mammoth
3. Vorsprung 
4. Young At Art
5. Heaven's Hathi 
6. Hathi (by Manish Arora)

I just love Manish Arora's elephant-it's so funky! Art and beauty really can be found in everything. I think that we should take a longer look at things, and try to see the beauty in them.



  1. those elephants are so cool! I love #5 and 6. and I'm so jealous that you live in London :p

    would you like to switch links?

  2. I wish I could have been in London with you . Seems like you spent time to stop and smell the roses or in this case stop and admire the Haathis!
    Love them all.


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