Gold is the New Black! (And Other Fall Trends...)

Aug 6, 2010

Yes, gold is the new black. Obviously, this coming from me may not convince you, but since it is coming from Anna Dello Russo, I think you believe it now. 
Fall is approaching fast, and things will start to change-school will start, the weather will get colder, and fashion welcomes brand new trends. It is a time of differences, and there are only a few weeks or months before they take place. But, maybe, change is a good thing. 
So, on that note, I suppose that fashion will move on from floral, prairie, and extremely feminine looks from the Spring/Summer '10 collections, and head toward new trends. This season, to me, can only be described (overall) as: bold. From the bright hue of the season, red, (Vogue UK) to the reigning fall trend, fur, ( fashion has taken a bold turn. Military prints, shades, and styles cover runways and shops from Burberry Prorsum to Dior. Leopard prints bring the jungle back to fashion, along with other animals who are making a comeback on people's Jimmy Choo's. Other trends include high-waisted trousers, (Celine) and Fifties' style clothing (Louis Vuitton) which I absolutely love. 
Fall is a time of change, but the most important part of change is to accept them, just as the fashion world has.
Louis Vuitton Fall '10: Fifties' Magic
Alexander McQueen Fall '10: Gorgeous Gold
Celine Pre-Fall '10: Minimalism/High Waisted Trousers
Miu Miu Pre-Fall '10: Wild Cat
Lanvin Fall '10: Fabulous Fur
Christian Dior Pre-Fall '10: Military Chic



  1. LOVE the Miu Miu look!


  2. Gold is far more interesting than black and similarily goes with virtually any colour.

    Enjoy your week,
    Hannah x


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