Fashion Inspector: The Emmys (Plus, I Tag YOU!)

Sep 9, 2010

One of the purposes and points of a  blog is to let people know what you have to say about the world, the news, and the things that interest you. My interest (one of many) is fashion, so I have added a new section to my blog-Fashion Inspector. And, to whoever is reading this, I tag you! 
1. Title a post with "Moments with Meera" Tag! 
2. Link my blog, and describe the tag. 
3. Be a fashion inspector! Pick an event, pick a celeb, and tell your readers what you think! As soon as you do this, leave me a comment, and tag your readers with it too.

So, onto my first post as fashion inspector:
Dianna Agron: This is my wining look from the Emmy's. The dress by Carolina Herrera is just beautiful-the sheer fabric, the lace, and the overall detail put into this creation is stunning. Dianna carries the look off with grace and elegance. This is my winning look. 

Love It...
Jane Lynch: When I first saw this Glee villain in this photo, I did a double take. This is because I would never have thought that Sue Sylvester on Glee could ever carry off this dress, and look amazing in it. I think this is the perfect gown (by Ali Rahimi) for the Emmys, and as Fashion Inspector, I completely love and approve of this look. 
Almost There...
Toni Colette: This dress by Valentino is just enchanting-I absolutely love it. I barely have anything else to say besides the fact that it is gorgeous. Except that I am not sure it is the right dress for this event. What do you think?
Not Quite Right...
 Emily Blunt: I don't know what is exactly wrong about this Dior outfit, but it just didn't click for me. The dress is too flat, and almost boring compared to the other dresses at the Emmys. Her makeup wasn't up to the Emmy mark as well. 

So, that was my take as Fashion Inspector. What do you think? Be sure to do your post, and link my blog! (I will link each person's blog if you do this!)


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  1. My favourite? Carolina Herrera for Dianna :) Its gorgeous :)
    P.S: I'm following you ;)

  2. awesome! this is a bit like what i did with miley cyrus (one of my first posts) as a FashionDissection, observing her general style and all.
    great post!
    thanks for the comment on my blog!


  3. Dianna Agron's dress was simply fantastic. i love it so much!

  4. Great post and I completely agree with your views. Also you're so young but your blog is really accomplished - well done! x

  5. P.S *New Follower*

  6. I really like emily blunts dress its beautiful. I think she could have done a really dark lip to contrast with the light almost fairy air of her dress.



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