It's All In The Details

Oct 13, 2010

"We grew up in a world where people looked at 

things in a microscopic way." - Laura 

Mulleavy, Rodarte

The buzz of Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Shows has spread like fashion wildfire throughout the Blogosphere, but is starting to get slightly tiresome. However, I've realized that you can see so much more if you look deeper into things-if you look closer you can discover beauty in the smallest details, that makes everything all the worth while.

The detail in this has come straight out of the Mulleavy Sisters' backyard. The bark print with its delicate folds, along with the texture and design on the top half, took us right there. 
Without taking a tree's life, Rodarte managed to recreate the texture and feel of it in this gorgeous heel.
Alexander McQueen
The delicate styling of the wheat grass created a beautiful, natural look.
Nature takes a bold turn on this magnificent neckline.

This gorgeous necklace gave Chanel a funky edge against its classic lace dress.

Celine's legendary minimalism look was accentuated with the fringe hanging down from the halter top, creating another subtle, time-exceeding statement. 

Looking at the details can give you so more than just looking at the bigger picture. The details created in art, fashion, and writing alike, opens up hundreds of possibilities, your imagination, and the creator's vision to a whole new level of the world we live in. 



  1. McQueen was stunning

  2. You are right, you can see so much more if you look closer, into details.


  3. You are not 13!!! Wow is all I can say!! Your blog is beautiful and I have made myself a follower. I'll add you to my blogroll - hope you will do the same on both fronts.

  4. thanks for checking out my blog, i followed you! happy birthday! :)

  5. Rodarte is so stunning. We really love the collections!
    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  6. awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    I am a new follower, like your blog!



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