Jane Austen Lives On-In The Works of Other Authors

Oct 15, 2010

Although I have never read any of Jane Austen's novels (yet), I have noticed and read some of the books that have payed her tribute. Scones and Sensibility, by Lindsay Eland, and Pies and Prejudice, by Heather Vogel Frederick, are among the many books that Jane Austen has inspired, even after more than a hundred years of her death. And these authors are not trying to copy off of Ms. Austen's work, they are just wanting to let her legacy live on. 
The amazing thing is that her books have been cherished for generations, and people still love and read her books. That is my goal-to have people cherish my writing as much as even a quarter of how much they love Jane Austen's work. 

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Photo from here



  1. i had never heard of scones and sensibility until now, but it sounds amazing! :) love your blog header

  2. I'm still in shock that you are 13! Such style and taste for a young woman. Well done!


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