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Nov 23, 2010

I have just received my first tag from the lovely Becky from Blah Blah Becky! In this tag, I will answer a few questions that will reveal a lot more about me. My blog is mostly about my interests, and I haven't mentioned much about my life as other bloggers do. So I thank Becky for this tag, and hopefully my readers will get to know me better.

1. Why did you create your blog?
I made this blog mostly due to my interest in fashion. I love the fact that my voice can be heard from millions of miles away, from another thirteen-year-old who loves fashion. This blog opened my eyes to a whole new world, an alluring, beautiful one that I am so glad to be a part of.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow blogs that have a unique voice. Blogs that don't only have pretty pictures of girls in dresses and skinny jeans, but ones that discuss fashion, style, and pop culture. A blog that is inspiring, stylish, and has a voice that is different from any others. Tough guidelines, huh? Yet, I still have many blogs like these that I love!
3. Favorite make-up brand?
I don't wear much makeup, (actually any makeup), but when I do, I like using makeup from Sephora. For lip gloss, I love Mac, and Lancome.
4. Favorite clothing brands?
I love clothes from those top brands, but I don't own anything from them. I like brands such as Zara, Gap, Promod, Guess, Dorothy Perkins, H 'n M, Forever 21 and Next. I buy clothes from most high-street brands- I love how they occasionally manage to look like a million bucks, but are actually twenty.
5. Your indispensable make-up product?
Any kind of lipgloss.
6. Your favorite color?
Actually, colorS...I love yellow, magenta,  royal blue, and purple.
7.  Your perfume?
If I wear perfume, I wear Chanel, Juicy Couture, or Dior. I love picking up small perfume samples, which is mostly what I use.
8. Your favorite film?
I don't know what reactions this will cause, but it is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I love the books, I love the movies. 
9. What country would you like to visit and why?
I would love to visit Greece. I have been when I was less than one years old, but obviously don't remember anything. It seems like a beautiful country.
10. Write your own question!
My question to myself is: If you could interview one person in the fashion industry, who would you interview?
I would interview Anna Wintour or Marc Jacobs.

Now, I tag....
Scarlett from Belle Sourie
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  1. Great post and nice to get to know other bloggers a little more :)



  2. Hey meera
    when you said from another thirteen year old who loved fashion
    you're saying that you are 13 years old ?
    if so thats quiet amusing really ;p


  3. cool tags, really interesting :)


  4. i feel lost without my lipgloss - great blog!

  5. I like your answers Meera! Especially your favorite colours!!
    (I'll post my tag on Thursday...)

  6. your blog is soo cool! i am glad i have discovered it! x

    vist me at blogforandi.blogspot.com

  7. Hey Meera! Nice to know a little about you- glad that you too are an avid fan of Harry Potter. ;)

    The Clothes Press

  8. great post! i get sample perfumes as well, they're perfect size to keep in your handbag!

  9. Hey Meera:
    I would love to congratulate you on your blogging success thus far. I recall our earlier encounter, which I regret was entirely unprofessional, however, like you said, you have strict guidelines, as I had mine. I thank you for returning to my blog and commenting. I am glad that your blog has resurfaced.

    I am astonished that you are only thirteen, your writing exerts so much maturity, it's inspiring, and makes me reflect on how poorly I was conducting myself at thirteen.
    You blogging style has definitely shot up 100%, and I must say, it's a must follow :) friends, shall we be c: ?

    f ashioncont a gious


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