Dec 4, 2010

What do I think, you ask? Well, while browsing through the website's slideshows of snake skin and reading the article, I was simply shocked. Designers whom I love were calling the animal's skin sensual and feminine, but all I could think about was how a snake had died to make this dress. Now, this may be an old concern, something that is already a big part of the fashion industry, but I just can't believe that a beautiful dress was actually what was once a beautiful snake. 
Many designers have used snake skin in their Spring 2011 collections, but Stella McCartney is the only one who knows how to use it the right way. She creates gorgeous snake skin dresses and tops, but with one difference- she uses the print of snake skin, and they end up looking just as gorgeous as the actual skin of the poor snake. What are your views on this subject? Do you, like me, believe this aspect if the industry should change?
The Wrong Way:

The Right Way

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  1. I would never wear a piece of clothing made out of an animal's skin. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. Hmm, tricky one... Well, I suppose the print is better (same with fur, really) but I can sort-of understand why some designers use the real thing... :( Poor snakes. :L

  3. designers should experiment more with new materials that are as fine and good and luxurious as leather. Like Stella McCartney. She is awesome!!! There should be more development in research about new materials.


  4. Hey Lovely - great pics and I would def wear the last dress - really cool!

    Thanks so much for stopping at my blog and I will add you to my daily reads :) You have amazing blog, very grown up and knowing you only 13 your did amazing job :) xxx

  5. I don't think I could ever wear something made out of real animal skin or fur. I think it's too high a price to pay for an item of clothing. Interesting post!

  6. Wow, great post xox

  7. mmmm, il serpente non mi convince per niente

  8. This is a difficult subject really. I disagree with the use of fur, snakeskin etc but yet I continue to wear leather shoes and bags. Mainly due to the lack of alternatives- however it does make me feel slightly hypocritical.

  9. wow these are perfection! that first look is gorgeous <3


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a huge fan of animal prints, but I would never wear genuine fur or skin...too expensive and inhuman. Great post! You sure know what you're talking about.
    come back again!

  11. amazing pictures! =)
    following you!

  12. i really like how it looks that printed snake skin dresses!!

  13. hey, i'm already your follower but with the name cecille :)

  14. wow, I love the first look. Great blog btw.
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  15. amazing skirt

    thanks for the comment

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  16. I am still surprised by the aversion to skin and fur but leather is all game.

    How is one more justifiable than the other apart from how ethically the animal is treated beforehand?

  17. i'm not too crazy about snakeskin print in general really. i think it looks a wee bit tacky in the stella version. xx

  18. ahhh that Thakoon snake skin dress is amazing! Love the shirt too.

    xo L

  19. I agree! That last top is truly divine :)

  20. some of designers dont think that animals feel and think as human beings do!
    i wish that one day fashion will be eco and animals friendly!

    really great blog! we follow you Dear! :)


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