My Christmas #1

Dec 20, 2010

My Christmas #1

My Christmas #1 by mimi77 on

I am a tad late on the whole Christmas+Blogging Thing, so I am trying to catch up on my wish-list five days before the big event. This inexpensive, swoon-worthy Lanvin notebook definitely tops my gift list, at just 25 pounds. Alber Elbaz truly is the master of fashion, and is now leading the stationary world in addition to the glamourous world of fashion.
I have been on vacation for the past few days, so I apologize for the lack of posts. Things have been hectic, but I am glad to get away from the stress of school, even though it has been replaced by the stress of packing.
I hope you all enjoy these last five days before Christmas! What is on your wish-list?



  1. This looks cute! Perfect for an affordable Christmas present! x

  2. this is beautiful!

  3. Comments always make me smile!! Thanks for your sweet words! :)
    And Of course I will draw a picture of you!! Just send me few pictures of you by email!!!


    Your blogger friend,

  4. My husband and I decided to not give inanimate objects as gifts..... "he is going to tackle and organize all his clutter for me by Dec 31st and will not let it pile up again in 2011. Me I am going to not nag him when we are driving!....hehe

    OH lovely choice, very gorgeous stationary indeed!


    check out my Great "Wool & The Gang" give away:)

  5. I seem to collect notebooks, I'm always buying cute new ones!

  6. Its a must have piece..
    I want a pair of shoes from Lanvin..
    Im waiting for Santa.. :-D

  7. i saw these notebooks, they are divine!! love them.

    thanks for stopping by cinched at the waist!

    love you blog, just started following :)


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