My Christmas #3

Dec 21, 2010

My Christmas #3

Christmas isn't here yet, but in truth, it is everywhere-malls, shops, streets, and blogs. My family and I haven't got to decoraing our tree, but is definitely top on my Christmas To-Do-List. How is Christmas for going for everyone? 
Today, I have selected another gift I am hoping to get, (just wanted to help Santa out-it is a busy time of the year.) 
Fifi Lapin is one of my ultimate fashion icons-she has the best fashion sense. This book will be my number one inspiration. 



  1. pretty funny to see bunnies dressed in mj and lv. i wish you an awesome and fashionable christmas!

    p.s.: it was very meaningful for me to get the first compliment for my blog. thanks a lot.

    I love her!
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  3. I LOVE fifi. I would loveee to follow your blog! Please follow mine too!

  4. Hahahaha great book! I've also helped santa out with some Coco chanel mademoiselle :).
    Off course I will follow you :), follow me back.
    Love, M.


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