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Jun 4, 2011

Although Season 2 of Glee has-unfortunately-ended, I have been re-watching the episodes as summer has started and I am at a loss of what to without hours of homework to do. (As a watch each episode, my mind is constantly worried that I have a test or quiz to study for!) Glee is one of my favorite shows-it is more than high-school drama, it is also about love, hope, family, and the power of music. However, fashion has been edging itself into the show, starting with mentions of  The Sartorialist and Teen Vogue -as mentioned on The Sartorialist blog, "Yes, as mentioned on Glee last night I have named Brittany the 'Trendiest Teen in America' or something like that."  Style is definitely becoming a component of the show, and while watching my Glee marathon, I have seen that Glee has taken its trends straight from the runway.
While Emma Pillsbury with her librarian, slightly uptight style went with Mily's fall look-tucked-in scarf with a red coat, Brittany-the "fashion institution" of Glee-went with's hair trend of the season, a floppy hat. Brittany can really carry off any look, but floppy hats suit her beautifully-after all, once Christian Dior has covered their Fall collections in it, it is declared a fashion to-do. However, my favorite look was Santana Lopez's. The gorgeous star took a cue from my favorite Fall collection, Lanvin, by wearing a simple white grecian-style top. I thought the actress looks stunning, and I loved how she put a high-school style spin on it by matching the top with a pair of classic blue jeans. All in all, I was hugely impressed by Glee's sense of style, especially since they matched their looks with outfits straight from the runway. If Season 2 is this fashionable, I can't imagine how chic Season 3 will be...what do you think?



  1. I'm the biggest Gleek haha. Never noticed the trends creeping into their costumes but I'll definitely take not of them from now on!
    xx Cin

  2. Wonderful post, I'm a Glee fan but I don't follow it too closely. Glee style is very typical high school, yet totally chic! You're so lucky you're off school, I've got two more weeks till freedom! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. love glee! it's amazing! have to say you missed off Rachel Berry's knee high socks and cute print dresses..gotta love them!

  4. Glee is everything. I live for it lol. Awesome post!

    Quench Fab

  5. im obsessed with this post i love glee so much

  6. I totally agree with how you showed the style on Glee! It's a favorite show of mine, and the fashion and clothing is what makes it so special to me. My mom and I are always shopping at a store called Anthropologie, and Glee seems to always be showing clothing from Anthropologie, which is kind of fun. Great post, and I'm now following your blog!


  7. great post, i need to jump on the glee bandwagon!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. oh i love glee so much and completely agree about style improvements. going to see them in tour in june :-)

  9. I am actually in love with Glee! I love Brittany's hat, it suits her perfectly!

  10. thanks for your amazing comment :D this is very interesting. i rather despise glee but this post makes me appreciate it a little bit. hahahah <3

  11. Hahaha a genius discovery you have found here! I loooove Glee and I'm glad you've mentioned it does have its fashion trends! I'm liking your blog! Following :) xxx


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