Moments with Meera's Guide to NYC

Jul 3, 2011

Well, my New York City trip is over. Words cannot express how sorry I was to leave, but trip was so perfect, so memorable that I wouldn't have wished for it to be any other way. So, as a scrapbook of my trip, I have decided to compile all of my favorite things to do in the most incredible city in the world. I hope everyone enjoys seeing New York through my eyes!


To eat lunch or dinner, New York has limitless options. However, if you are going for a chic, yet simultaneously delicious restaurant, Fig and Olive, offers warm, sweet, taste-filled food originating from the South of France, Italy, and Spain. These mouth-watering flavors are available in five different locations around the city. I headed over to the Meatpacking district of NYC, which was absolutely amazing. For dessert, head over to Magnolia Bakery, where the sweetest, most gorgeous cupcakes are made fresh daily. 

To enter a world of magic, music, love, friendship, and so much more, Wicked is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have. The play does not only delight and entertain with humor and music, but it has the character of pure emotion and feeling. Wicked shows that things are not always the way they are portrayed, and people are not always who they are depicted to be-and it does so in the most enjoyable way imaginable. 
For any fashionista, Bleecker Street is the place to go. Every coveted store is in one picturesque area-Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lulu Guinness, Juicy Couture, and every other store you could possibly want. The shopping area has scattered the stores, but kept them in close walking distance in the quiet, uncrowded neighborhood. The perfect place for window-shopping, as well as shopping itself, or just talking a walk around the beautiful neighborhood. 

New York City, as I have mentioned many times before, is the most beautiful city on earth. There are endless, incredible opportunities and discoveries to be found, and I hope you enjoyed seeing the city through my eyes. 


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  1. I love this! Wicked sounds amazing.


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