September in August

Jul 31, 2011


Although August will just arrive shortly, fashion, as Anna Wintour has said, " about looking forward." So the fashion world has skipped a month ahead to the mega-month of fashion-September. September, (my birth month), is not only the beginning known as Fall, but it is the beginning of a new school year, new Spring/Summer collections, and a time where the rest of the year will be defined. I always look forward to this month of beginnings.
As of now, only two magazines have revealed their much-awaited September issues. Harper's Bazaar Australia has definitely gained a new reader-the magazine worked September glamour brilliantly on the gorgeous Karlie Kloss. They could not have done a better job. Every aspect of a magazine's cover was done beautifully-Karlie looked stunning, her voluminous hair, and full red lips set off her overall look perfectly. Of course, the most evident factor to the magazine's allure was that dress! Gucci's Fall 2011 collection held mesmerizing 70's charm. The collection's stunning dresses are worthy of about a dozen more September Issues-I am so glad Harper's Bazaar Australia displayed it first, and did so in the most beautiful way imaginable. This is perhaps my favorite cover of the year.
Elle UK also unveiled the prestigious September Issue with Kirsten Dunst on the cover. The magazine has always been a favorite read of mine. However, I have never come across an Elle UK cover that has been bright or bold. Granted, the covers are always lovely, but they never surprise or shock me. The magazine's color palette has always been calm and almost too familiar-blues, pinks, whites, grays. Although their September Issue is quite pretty, it does not have the sort of effect which I put together with September issues.
What do you think of September's two covers?


  1. I am so ready for fall and this just suits me perfectly, why not skip a month? both covers are beautiful but the Harper's baazar one has the more eye appealing drama the other one is a little too calm for me, I want innovation.

  2. I agree the elle uk is quite bland though pretty - loving the Gucci x

  3. september covers are always the best! hope you are having a great weekend! stop by my blog i wanted to acknowledge your great blog!!

  4. My favourite is the Kirsten's cover, she is always a nice face to see in magazines.

    See you :)


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