Two New Awards!

Jul 13, 2011

Summer holidays are always crazy-in my case, I went through traveling to NYC, London, going to a wedding, and shopping waaay too much. It was all worth it! I have one more month of summer vacation, and it has been the most perfect summer, yet. This evaluation was only enhanced with getting two blog awards in one week! Thank you so much to two of my favorite bloggers, Veena, and Tereza Anton! Due the occasion that the awards overlapped one another, I will combine the directions and hand over a "One Lovely Blog" award to 15 people. Here we go:

  • Reading will always be a beautiful escape from my world-however lovely it is-to connect and delve into another world altogether. Nothing can ever replace my love for reading!
  • I adore Harry Potter! There are always mixed opinions of the legendary books, but the series will always be one of my favorites. There is love, romance, drama, action, hope, and magic-what more could you ask for?
  • I love going to concerts. There was a time where music actually didn't interest me, but seeing live performances is such a thrill. So far, I have been lucky enough to attend the concerts of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Maroon 5. 
  • However long you know me, I will always be a city girl. (Just like you Veena!) I was born in a city, raised in a city, am currently living in a city, and will probably always live in a city. 
  • One of the things that actually gets to me about blogging, is the follow-back situation. I love following back because it means so much to me that people have followed my blog, but as soon as I do so, some people have stopped following! Even though I despise this, it will never take away from blogging itself. 
  • I love accessories! They are a huge highlight of fashion for me-accessories of all sorts seem to call my name whenever I happen to walk into a shop. 
  • Lastly, getting blog awards cause me to scream, occasionally jump, and call the rest of my family excitedly. :) So once again, thank you so much!
Now I award the "One Lovely Blog" award to:

  1. Box of Dreams
  2. Fashion and Frank
  3. deppa loves spring
  4. fashion bug
  5. Fashion to GO
  6. Fashion Underwater
  7. Fashion Wandering by loanna
  8. fifi
  9. For Shoes We Fall
  10. Lauren&Pierre
  11. Mode Pour Moi
  12. The Red Runway
  13. Verita Lane
  14. Oh my Dior
Thank you so much for this award! And I apologize for the lack of posts-I have a lot of posts lined up, so bear with me as I get them going. How is everyone's summer going?



  1. Hi, congratulations on the awards, and thanks so much for giving it to me... what do i have to do?


    My Fashion Bug

  2. Meera - congratualtions and thank you so very much - you are a top blogger and i really enjoy our blogging interactions x

  3. Congratulations and THANK YOU :)
    Nice to know a little bit more about you.
    I'm a bad blogger because I always forget my adwards, but I'll try to post this soon ;)

    Have a great wednesday.
    See you!

  4. congratulations! and thank you so much for giving me the award it means a lot to me!! :) We share many interest: I love concerts and I consider myself a city girl too!

  5. Thank so much for this lovely award!!!!! I´m so happyy!!! Thanks Thanks Thanks. :) :) :)

  6. Yay for city girls! Glad you're enjoying the award(s). Continue having an amazing summer, dear! xoxo, Veena <3

  7. Hi Meera! Thanks for the award and the sweet comment. :) xx

  8. congrats on the awards, wholeheartedly deserve them. reading is such a great way to although individually do so in seclusion to connect to another world. great post.

  9. congrats on your awards! and thank you for passing on to me!! xo

  10. congrats on the award, thanxs so much for the shoutout and the award.



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