Fashion's Natural Love

Aug 9, 2011

Although I am generally opposed to using animal skin or fur in fashion, python skin is another story. My opinion on python skin is not based on fashion, but on the fact that a snake shedding its skin is a natural part of its life, therefore, I am hoping, no snakes are harmed to create the coats, dresses, bags, and shoes the fashion world has fallen in love with. 
This season, dozens of designers have intertwined their runway creations with the creatures of the jungle. Python skin has become one the biggest trends of Fall 2011 and Resort 2012, but had also made its way to earlier S/S '11 collections, (see above). Prada's snake skin bags and boots were quite beautiful, but for personal wear, their extravagant coats were not for me. Burberry Prorsum out a trendy spin on snake skin, and, as usual, won me over with their gorgeous python belts. I had noticed that this trend was largely based on accessories, and had was not only a favorite on the runway, but also adapted into high-street wear. 

For an exotic, flamboyant look, python skin should be the first choice to turn to this season. Aldo, Banana Republic, and many other brands have put an affordable, nonetheless stylish, spin on the gorgeous runway looks of the season. 
Would you wear python skin? What do you think of this trend?



  1. Darling i think it prob is the skin of the animal as in dead, however there are regs for their farming, they are not taken from the wild so make your own mind up. HAving said all of that i love python print on silk and leather - great post as always x

  2. OMG I fell in love with this trend a couple of seasons ago. The look of snake skin is just soo...perfect! Love the gucci shoulder bag especially!

    Fashion Infactuation

  3. I like it but a litte bit, just in accesories and details.

    See you :)

  4. That Gucci bag is amazing-- I'm very into greens right now!

  5. Gorgeous post, I definitely enjoyed reading this! I'm a huge fan of Python skin, it's so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Veena <3

  6. it's not really 'my' style, but I do think it can look great sometimes. Don't know if the snakes are harmed for this, I always thought they just killed them for the skin, but maybe they're not harmed after all... Don't know!

  7. I LOVE the idea of wearing a python... so fierce! :)


  8. im into it! cant wait to sport some faux python

  9. I don't know how python would compliment my wardrobe but if I had the money I would make it a for sure addition. I like the look, prada does it wonderfully and burberry too. I like how you did a more accessible version of the designer items.


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