Christmas Dress Guide: ASOS Edition

Nov 18, 2011

December is rolling in with deep anticipation from the entire world. Soon we will welcome in the season of joy with open arms, Christmas trees, wreaths, and twinkling lights. It is also the season of glitz, glamour, and parties, so it is time to get our Christmas and New Year shopping done. 
Magazines have, of course, been setting up the vibe this season. My inspiration for this post, and my sudden realization that Christmas is on our heels, came from W Magazine's stunning December Issue. The Fanning sisters look gorgeous, and absolutely angelic throughout the editorial. The styling was very holiday directed, but with a pinch of mysterious, Twilight-esque glamour. I suddenly realized that it is time to Christmas shop and snag the best party dresses before the parties start to arrive. I turned to ASOS to fulfill the shopping requirements. 
Of course, the classic LBD is always a reliable choice for any party. However, each of these picks have an edgy twist to spice up the look.

For an alternate look, Christmas Eve can be lit up even further with these shimmering, colorful choices.

Although these dresses can't quite compare with Rodarte and Givenchy's whimsical creations on the Fanning sisters, they do serve for a heap of perfect choices this season. 
What do you think of my ASOS picks? What are your choices for the holidays? 


P.S. This is Moments with Meera's 100th Post! Thank you all for being such loyal, amazing followers. Here's to 100 more! 


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  2. The Fanning sisters are absolutely amazing as is the editorial. I love your ASOS picks! Especially the first LBD :)

  3. I always love to dress up, not only for x-mas... ;) But those glittering dresses are simply gorgeous and perfect for x-mas or also new years eve! Great post! And thanks for your nice comment ;)
    XX Nini

  4. The fanning sisters are gorgeous!!
    Loved this post and thanks for sharing!

    Those sparkling dresses are fabulous too~


  5. amazing dresses!!;)
    kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

  6. lovely dresses, and the fanning sisters are stunning

  7. Wow, I love these dresses, and "Meera's Choice" is definitely my choice too :) Gorgeous selection dear! xoxo, Veena

  8. Great pieces love Asos and the amazing selection for this holiday

  9. that one shoulder dress is a beauty, as well as the one next to it!


  10. I love your picks. I love sequins!


  11. can i please just have everything from ASOS for Xmas. lol. they never let me down. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a fash trend report. Love to hear what you think. xo

  12. quite funny! i was checking their party dresses just yesterday!!!!!
    you have such a great blog i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!

  13. Congrats on your 100th post! I love all the dresses you picked... I'll take any excuse to dress up!

  14. love fanning sister <3
    love your blog <3

  15. I love all the dress! it all looks beautiful.

  16. Wow those first two pictures are wonderful!

  17. Obsessed with those photos from the Fanning Sisters ♥


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