Gaga for 2012

Nov 30, 2011

Tomorrow, after a long wait and a stubborn arrival December (everyone's favorite month of the year), will arrive. Yet, for those who belong to the fashion industry, it is January, a new year. 2012 is being welcomed by the Queen of Pop, Style, and Expression. This may not be her official title, but it may as well be. I have always admired Lady Gaga for the freedom she expresses in all elements of her life, and especially her career. Lady Gaga has taken the things which people consider frivolous or obnoxious, and created it into beautiful art. Even if you are not a fan, I am sure that the ways of Lady Gaga has had an affect or impression on the entire world. 
Gaga's phenomenon did not stop with 2011. The year of Gaga has continued with Vanity Fair and Elle UK, both featuring the star in very different ways. I honestly cannot say that I am in awe of either cover. However, there were some factors to each which I thoroughly enjoyed. Vanity Fair's smoldering image of Ms. Gaga was definitely my preference. I really love the image, and the oh-so-Gaga adornment on her head. I loved that 2012 was brought in through a bright first, appropriately extravagant cover. Elle UK's cover actually looks slightly drab in comparison, but the Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 dress was their anchor. McQueen's relationship with Gaga comes to mind, so it was a beautifully fitting look for her. 
Which cover do you prefer? Are you a fan of Lady Gaga's ostentatious sense of style? 



  1. Well at least she looks like a female in this

  2. Love Gaga...she is everywhere now!

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  3. perfection

  4. I saw the Vanity Fair cover yesterday and it blew me away. I love it!

    xx Justine

  5. Honestly, I extremely dislike Gaga now. She's a great performer, but that's almost it. I think McQueen's designs suit so many others far better than Gaga, I don't know, she isn't my cup of tea at all.
    xoxo, Veena

  6. she is one of the greatest personalities of 2011!
    i love her!!!!

  7. perfect!!!^^
    i follow you ;)


  8. I love Gaga, but I wish that she would tone down her craziness a little bit. I think she could be so beautiful, and it would be really unexpected if she suddenly became classy.
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  9. I love Lady Gaga, she´s got great style. <3<3

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  11. Gaga is stunning, she always looks awesome!

  12. the Vanity Fair cover is one of my faves. the red is so striking. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest trend report and enter my giveaway. xo

  13. beautiful postt!! :)
    followed u back already babe!! xx



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