Get the Look: 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2012

Nov 4, 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim's S/S 2012 collection brought the kind of chic, casual cool look every New Yorker will be coveting after. The designer brought his classic sportswear spin on the collection but did so in a softer manner, with his addition of pastels in the color palette. The details of the collection were delicate and dainty, while holding the tough element NYFW is known for. Every stitch, every lavender+mint+cotton candy hue, every flowly silhouette, every mascara-free, silver clad eye were elements which brought the refreshingly minimalist collection to life. Among these fashion factors were the designer's gorgeous metallic shoes, which could easily serve for both a work day or a night out. To achieve this look, as seen above, I turned to Topshop, which gives fashionistas lower-priced alternatives to their favorite pieces.
Topshop has created two beautiful, reasonable priced silver heels. I think silver can be one of the most versatile colors of the industry, looking elegant, funky, and chic all at the same time. Now, with these two options, we can pull off the iridescent Phillip Lim look instantly!
What do you think of 3.1 Phillip Lim's latest collections? Do the Topshop spin-offs match up?



  1. I am such a die-hard Topshop fan, I love their brand and these shoes are amazing! Glad to see you back on the blogosphere :) Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena

  2. Amazing color!! I'm in love with those fabulous heels!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm following you now. Please follow me back if you like my blog too:)

    Fashion Cat

  3. Yes love the shoes.

  4. oh , wow..! silver is a very bold colour great for fall (:

    CMPang x

  5. i love topshop, dont really think they're reasonably priced though... i don't always think the quality matches up to the price. but in terms of design, topshop is totally my favourite high street shop x

  6. You cen always find seasonal trend at topshop, but for the basics the quality is not the best. Any way this pumps are great!

  7. I think they look great! Silver is the perfect color.

    Warm Wishes.

  8. I have the Marc Jacobs mouse flats in silver and that's all the funk I can take from a shoe at the moment. I mean, I'd love a heel but would have nowhere to wear one. Needless to say, these are really very pretty

  9. Love these! They almost look like they're made of mirrors. I definitely think they stand up to the designer version.

  10. Wow, LOVE the silver shoes!!! I'm definitely a huge Topshop fan and I think they did a great job recreating the feel without completely copying! I'm loving your blog!! :)

  11. Ooh, I love the Topshop ones! :D I wish I had a Topshop near here... I would go on a crazy shoe shopping expedition! Lovely post Meera! =)


  12. I love TopShop! :) Thanks for this post, it just goes to show that you don't need to burn a whole in your wallet to follow big trends and to look good. (:

    I just chanced upon your blog and I have to say I'm a fan!
    It's really helpful, I followed you on Bloglovin and Blogger! <3

    I'm a new blogger but I love meeting new people. I'd be so honored if you could check out my blog. (:

    Loads of love! <3


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