Chanel's Incredible India

Dec 8, 2011

Being from India, the Paris to Bombay collection was an absolute delight to see! It was highly anticipated, (at least, by me), and did not disappoint. I am surely not a die-hard Chanel fan, but the brand and its collections are highly prestigious and legendary. Chanel has an element of elegance with an edge which happens to work so well for them. 
In the case of the Pre-Fall 2012, Karl Lagerfeld took fans on a journey to Bombay, India. I think India is a perfect match for the glamour of Chanel. The powerful, exploding, filled-with-color sights, smells, and and style of India made its way onto the Parisian runway with beautiful results. The details of Indian fashion-each ornament, earring, and head piece-were perfectly incorporated into the Chanel aesthetic. From India's rich past came the avant-grade Maharaja pieces and prints. The collection took India's gorgeous style and combined it with the everlasting allure of Chanel. This combination created such a unique collection, and my absolute favorite so far. India, of course, has always been a special part of me, and will continue to, as will this collection. Chanel portrayed the glamour and versatility of Indian fashion through 79 outstanding pieces and could not have done it better. 
A closer look at the collection reveals the endless amount of work in every piece. Each look had a stunning set of jewelry and bags. I was especially shocked by the intricacy of the jewelry. Karl told Vogue USA, and Vogue UK "Coco loved Indian jewelry. She designed several Indian-inspired outfits..." This love was well displayed throughout the collection. 

The timelessness of both Chanel and India was captured through each astounding piece of the collection. Truly incredible. 


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  1. amazing show- i loved the india inspired jewelry!

  2. Love the collection! Some great accessories :)

  3. wow!lovely collection! the details are so unique!

    i've followed your blog, it would be a pleasure if you could follow me too :) thank you!

    i'd like to exchange blog links; would you be interested? :)

  4. hey Meera, I already added you to my blog links. It's under the "Clickworthy" tab


  5. we are both in this amazing collection moment ! great post

  6. Cute collection, yeah! :)
    If you like my blog and you wanna... we could followed each other! :)

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  7. What an absolutely divine collection, I am in complete awe of this! The video was truly inspiring, too. xoxo, Veena

  8. It's so exciting to Indian-inspired fashion back on the catwalks again.

    This collection was exquisite.

    Sophie x

  9. I am in love with this collection! The fabrics are so luxurious, and the details are intricate and gorgeous. What a fantastic collection!

  10. Wow. This is absolutely amazing!

    - Nam

  11. Gorgeous collection! Loving your blog btw!! xx

  12. thanks for sharing, one of my fav Chanel collections so far! ♥


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