Guest Post: Summer Sunsets with Halle

Jun 17, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm Halle, and I write the Classic Glam Blog! I'm so excited to be writing a guest post over here at Moments With Meera

My post is about "sunset inspired" wear; clothing and accessories. The red, orange, and yellow hues were very inspiring, so I decided to put a sunset into everyday wear. The sundress has always been a classic, so its a staple piece in any summer wardrobe. Next are some bright accessories... these are a must to dress up any outfit and add a spark of color, especially in this year's color of the year: orange! A floppy hat is a great accessory to have for the summer, and the one above in a bold red is perfect. Lastly, my favorite, the shoes: I absolutely adore the red ankle straps! They make the shoes more unique. 

Thanks for having me!

Do you wear sunset inspired clothing/accessories?


Thanks for contributing to Moments with Meera, Halle! If anyone is interested in guest-posting on my blog over the next week, do send me an email with your ideas. 


  1. Я обажаю яркие вещи)))))

  2. This is beautiful! Halle has amazing taste. :)
    LOVE your blog, girl! The layout is so beautiful, I love it all! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello!
    Newest follower!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  3. Great post Halle! I love being inspired by the world around me! And a sunset is probably one of the most inspiring things around! Love the cute flats with the straps!

  4. Love the colors!



  5. Love these earrings and bangles! So pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  6. I really like those shoes they are so perfect for the summer. i love your blog and think that you have an amazing fashion sense.


  7. Great selection! I love the yellow earrings! x Elma

  8. Hi Halle! Lovely guest post! :) I'm loving these bright colors, these are the perfect pieces for the summer time. My favorite would definitely have to be the red floppy hot... such a unique way to dress up a pool outfit! :)


  9. aww this is great !! lovely items x

  10. Just found your blog! Gorgeous photos! Now following on Bloglovin.



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