Geometric Beauty

Sep 28, 2012

"Shoulder pads, colour, black and white, swimwear and swimwear with trousers. It's very fitted – its power dressing, but I wanted to create a piece women don't already have in their wardrobe."
-Roland Mouret to

The first thing that came to mind as I scrolled through Roland Mouret's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is the use of geometry in Mouret's effortlessly intricate creations. Every look concocted in the collection was a kaleidoscope of prints and fabrics; a collage stitched with an unlimited amount of cuts, folds, and pleats. Never was there a single-colored dress or an ensemble with a flat surface. Instead, the collection was created for the powerful, working woman but with a twist, just as Roland himself described to Vogue UK. It was the tailoring of each outfit which gave it character, and the use of geometric shapes which brought his Spring collection to a whole new level. 
There was a suitable amount of color-blocking in the collection, done in a supremely chic fashion. Cream-colored office skirts were combined with shocking shades of red in the form of a cutting-edge leather jacket. (Note the stitching of the sleeves, above.) Striking hues of forest green were prominent in the collection, and solidified the theme of subdued, subtle colors. In terms of beauty, the models donned a clean, feminine look but brought on a vibe of cold beauty with bold, feline-esque eyeliner. Although Mouret's creations in this collection were mostly fitted, there is a fluidity to the structure of the clothes. The pleats and peplum-style cuts gave the outfits a beautiful sense of motion. 
Crisply-cut pantsuits were an empowering combination, as they were paired with pearl-white sleeveless tops that off-duty models are sure to be seen in over the next year. Mouret continues to give his clothes an intimidating feel; his outfits possess beauty but it is done in such a nonchalant, androgynous way. 
For the most part, the collection did not feature strong, candy-coated shades. Even the use of red was exquisitely used to reflect what the authoritative working woman seeks in her wardrobe. However, eighties-style boxy jackets with large, square-cut shoulders were done in fantastic shades of orange. Thankfully, Mouret did not stray away from his trademark fitting skills and added a touch of folds and color-blocking in the suit-and-skirt looks. 
 Personally, my heart belongs to the outfits which held a series of stunning complex origami cuts. Triangular shapes and pleats made multiple appearances in the collection. Above, the classic black and white looks were folded in such a way that simplicity cannot be used to describe them. One-shoulder tops were cut in a zig-zag pattern, with glimpses of black and white in between. The look on the right was elaborately constructed, with a white peter-pan collar and multiple architectural additions, such as the square and triangle figures.

My overall view of the collection is intensified due to my pride at having seen Roland Mouret with my own eyes at the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore. I was incredibly lucky to have witnessed Mouret's Fall/Winter 2012 runway collection and to have seen the incredibly talented designer take a bow at the end of such a beautiful show. His Spring/Summer 2013 collection is just a powerful as his Fall 2012 collection, perhaps even more, and am I delighted to have seen his ensembles in person. 



  1. Lovely post. I agree with you, this collection is so powerful and the details on every piece are incredible. I hope one day I'll be able to write as beautifully as you do.
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  2. I loved this collection, especially the pencil skirts! :)

    Laura xo

  3. Beautiful pictures...
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  4. Hi Meera! Thanks for swinging by my blog and saying 'hi", and I'm glad I found yours in return. You are a fantastic writer, and have an obvious talent for fashion writing! I love this collection of geometric styles you've put together ... as far as my own style goes, my goal so far has been to just get out of yoga pants, but I'm more and more interested in high fashion ... I'll definitely be checking out your blog for new inspiration! Keep up the great work and have a good weekend. :)

  5. This are great. I love the abdominal cut-outs.

    <3 Melissa

  6. yes, the geometric shapes are so prominent and very bold. I love the mix of shapes to create each look.

    FFF @New York Fashion Week

  7. Great post! I love that orange blazer especially!

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  8. Love these structural pieces.
    Great blog, following!
    xo Annie

  9. This collection is absolutely stunning!

  10. beautiful collection - I loved the shapes, structures and pops of color!

  11. very very interesting collection - a bit like origami or architecture - very structured and well thought out

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  12. Beautiful collection-love the textures, shapes and unusual cuts!

  13. Love the structure! Great post!

  14. Roland Mouret is one of my favorite labels...the dresses are beyond chic, timeless and there is an effortless elegance to them.
    This collection was edgier than before but done in such a classic way...very true to Roland Mouret.
    Thanks for posting this...great to hear your thoughts on this amazing collection.

  15. Lovely blog.

  16. absoluetly love this! i so agree!

  17. Wow, this collection is totally gorgeous. I think the colour palette is so well done; it's really difficult to strike the right balance between powerful, structured yet feminine clothes and something that is too masculine, and I think if it wasn't for the gorgeous colour palette it wouldn't be as beautiful as it is!

  18. I am so in love with those new shoulder pads! Great post! Would you like to follow each other?
    Hugs from New York,
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  20. Awesome outfits!
    The origami inspired pleating and construction are so mind blowing!
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  22. i love these geometric prints-they are so bold!
    I have a new post up on my blog and would love to hear your thoughts!
    Nicole from the green raybans

  23. Meera, thank you so much for sharing these photos. I am truly in love with Mouret's designs. Color blocking is one of my absolute favorite trends, and the fact that he went in a more geometric direction just...oh I don't think I can like this collection more. ^^

    X i x i a ❥

  24. Holy griefffff, they are just perfectly cut! Usually trying to emphasize the geometrical details would only have a trashy result, but this time, they are so composedly done and look so effortless.

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