Stella McCartney Store Opening!

Sep 19, 2012

A few days ago, I had the immense honor of attending Club 21's Stella McCartney store opening at the lovely Hilton Hotel in Singapore. I was absolutely delighted to be at such an incredible event. Stella McCartney's effortlessly chic design aesthetic has always appealed to me. Her brand is the quintessential example of British style. The essence of her clothing is the classic English girl; cool, collected, and perfectly polished. Stella McCartney's spell-binding creations have a worldwide affect, and her collaborations with Adidas and H & M depict just how enthralling McCartney's designs can be. The image this designer has in today's world spans beyond the fashion industry, and for one charming evening, I got an inside look into the fashionable world of Stella McCartney.
The theme of the event was the an old-world, British garden party, complete with flawless white picket fences, heart-shaped balloons, and carnival-style snacks. Over a dozen gorgeous models were present, each styled in faultless Stella's Resort 2012 and A/W 2012 looks. Everyone participated in the old-fashioned party games, got their pictures taken in the incredible photo booth, and had a chance to shop at the boutique in the Hilton Hotel itself. The party lasted for many hours, and was just about the most fabulous party there could ever be. With many kids, who were all terribly cute, enjoying the activities, models blowing bubbles and participating in multiple foosball games, it was a night to remember. For more photographs of the party, click here. Other incredible details of the event include the model's outfit changes and the theme-enhancing additions. Each model changed about three times during the course of the evening, and each outfit worn was even more lovely than the last. The thoroughly organized party had a few surprises in store for the guests, such as the cotton-candy machine which churned out puffy snacks in eye-popping shades of pink for the party-goers, who could not get enough of the splendid treats.
The adorable Stella McCartney Singapore badge given to all guests! Loved the contrast between my deep oxblood silk top and the bubblegum pink McCartney badge.
Going along with the impeccable theme of the store-opening event, beautiful flowers - which looked as though they may appear in the midst of the English countryside - were found throughout the venue.  
How cute are these pizza boxes? Out of the many delicious treats served at the event, I was partial to the scrumptious pizza slices packaged in those charming boxes.
There was no lack of activities to engage in! "Hook a Duck", anyone? Or perhaps a delightful game of ring toss?
Ivy-lined white picket fences were a wonderful, whimsical addition to the evening's decor.
The party had an utterly magical affect, due to the clothes, models, and of course, the bubbles, shown above.
The classic navy-blue outfits each model donned had a different twist, whether it was a lace brocade or peplum touch.
Posing with the incredibly alluring models. 
What I Wore: Topshop silk top, Femme X midi skirt, Topshop clutch, and Charles and Keith heels
Enjoying the irresistible (literally) cotton candy served from the classic, old-world cotton candy machine!
Other shots with the beautiful models (who towered over me!) in their enchanting outfits.
That crocodile-print clutch, shown above, was one of the greatest accessories which I spotted at the event. Stella's versatility when it comes to fashion is evident in the photograph at the right. Whether she is creating a gold-gilded dress or masculine get-up, there is a trademark elegance that each of her ensembles is never seen without.
This photo continues to astound me. The combination of Stella's moderately androgynous clothing, in shocking shades of cobalt and bursts of gold and yellow, along with the unique beauty of each model, is astonishing. It sums up the essence of the Stella McCartney event: bringing Stella's stunning fashion sense to every part of the world, and to every girl who appreciates a perfectly tailored, immaculately designed, and flawlessly constructed Stella-esque piece of clothing. 


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  1. Looks like really amzing event! so envious

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  2. wow this is amazing, cant believe you were invited to this event, must of been amazing!! love the pics, you look gorgeous, and wow.. those models!!


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  4. How nice for you to attend this, It looks like it was quite an event. The cobalt and printed dresses are gorgeous! You look cute.

  5. looks amazing, must've been fab to be there!

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  11. Aww... you look so tiny next to the models. :) It looks like such an incredible party. They really went all out!

  12. This looks amazing! I love your outfit too!

  13. that looks like the most insanely ridiculously amazing event ever.

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  16. How amazing, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I love all the little details of the party, those pizza boxes are the cutest ever.

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  27. oh my gosh YEEEES....I love that they had the live models....totally going goo goo ga ga over everything!!
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  28. How much fu! you look great litle lady ; ) !!!


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