Oct 18, 2012

Collars, when the term is used loosely, can mean nothing more than the neckwear around a workwear or office shirt. But a transformation has visibly occurred – collars are now an accessory coveting by street style photographers for their subjects and designers across the four fashion capitals. Moschino, Victoria Beckham, and even more brands (such as Eleven Objects, above) found innovative ways to include a collar or collar-like accessory in the Fall 2012 collections. Over the summer, stores were flooded with shipments of embellished pearl collars and Peter-Pan collar necklaces. Just like clothes, a simple collar with a solid color is the perfect palette on which any designer can make their mark on. Fashionistas everywhere can style the collars in their own unique ways. I have been donning sheer, collared tops for a subtle and feminine effect all throughout the summer. For Fall, collars in elegant python prints and snake skin (#2) or gold plated necklaces with a winged collar illusion, are perfect options. What are your favorite collars? Would you wear this trend?
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  1. Seems that this trend doesn't plan to go away/ But we all of course are happy about it)

  2. I love that blue one, number 4. I don't have many items with collars, but I would love to add one! ^^ x

  3. I love the collar trend! You've made some great picks. I love the white floral collar, very chic! So glad I stumbled upon your blog Meera, its amazing. Following you now :)

    Sita xx

  4. Wow. These are ultra cute :) Loving your blog here.

    Hope you can check mine too, if you have time. Just followed you on GFC

  5. This is such a great coincidence - I'm writing a post on collars at the moment :) Great post by the way.
    x Mariana

  6. I would definitely wear a collar. The blue one is really cute. Aweseome blog <3


  7. they're all so beautiful!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  8. I love collars! Your picks are stunning; I'd wear all of them!

  9. These are some lovely collars!


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