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Oct 6, 2012

Paris Week has come to an end, which means my favorite month of the year - September - is over, too. The complete set of collections from all four cites can be found on every main fashion website, with dozens of trends that will make the new year of fashion what it is. Among the many fashion trends displayed on the runway, there are just as many beautiful beauty trends. My favorite beauty trends of the season are the eyes at Dior, lips at Moschino, and the nails at Rodarte.
1. Eyes at Dior: Although this trend is certainly not one that is entirely accessible for most of us, what is the point of fashion if there is not a whimsical sense of freedom to it? Raf Simon's debut ready-to-wear collection retained the bold edge that Dior has held for years, but skillfully placed his own mark on the house's Spring 2013 show. Hamish Bowles stated, "It was clean, refreshing, and had a certain modern poetry to it." The clothes were certainly clean and elegant, but Pat McGrath's remarkable talent with makeup gave the show a beautiful edge. I love the seemingly effortless blend of sea foam and turquoise shades, along the iridescent rhinestones. 
2. Lips at Moschino: Moschino's swinging 60's-inspired collection was hands-down, one of the most fun collections at Milan Fashion Week. It is a refreshing take on the retro look, with dozens of black and white mod dresses, complete with clean biker helmets and striped ensembles. Sprinkled in between those neutral-colored outfits were bright, eye-popping prints and a warm color palette ranging from vivid reds to bubblegum pinks. However, every outfit, whether it was black&white or blazing shades of yellow, was topped off with a beautiful shade of orange lipstick. Each model looked radiant with the stunning tangerine lipstick coats, complete with a matte finish. 
3. Nails at Rodarte: Rodarte's Spring/Summer 2013 collection was a sophisticated collage of patchwork, quilting, leather and dozens of other fabrics and prints. Among many subdued Spring shows at NFW, Rodarte's exquisite futuristic, slightly sci-fi looks may have stole the show. The complex patchwork prints seen on the clothes in the collection itself was translated into a stunning nail art trend. Four different neutral shades were used to create the look, according to This look is slightly minimalistic, but its subtle intricacy was a beautiful addition to the collection.

The trends I chose above are each unique in their own way, whether it is a delicate design for your nails, or a fearless shade of orange lipstick. As the new year approaches, I am looking forward to experimenting with the trends seen on the runway and uniting them with with my own beauty aesthetic. What are your favorite Spring/Summer 2013 trends? 

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  1. Cool pics! Inspire me!

    Do u wanna follow each others?? Kiss

  2. Cool pics! Inspire me!

    Do u wanna follow each others?? Kiss

  3. Your blog is so amazing! Love it so much!
    You have a new follower (Gloria Pepe 524 via GFC)! Hope you'll do the same, dear!
    Thank you!


  4. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other? :)


  5. These photos are amazing! It was my first time at Paris Fashionweek and I was amazed by the detailed makeup like you showed in your blogpost. Nicely done! You have a great blog! x

  6. Thanks for your comment--lovely blog as well. Certainly love the sea foam green eye--something I need to attempt this spring!

    The Accessory Editor

  7. You're amazing; very talented and passionate about fashion. I love the photos, in particular the eyes @ Dior. I will follow via Twitter, thanks for stopping by! xo <3

  8. Awesome! a bunch of vintage bloggers I follow are going to look super chic next year!

  9. Those eyes at Dior are stunning! Want them too:-) Following you back dear.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  10. wow I like your posts a lot :)
    your new gfc follower<3

  11. Love the eyes in the first photo - I might try something like that... It'd have to be for a pretty special event though!

    HANNAH †

  12. these are some really awesome trends. my absolute fav is those nails wow! thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment on my blog. now following and really looking forward to being further inspired! gigi. food and beauty blogger @


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