Blogger Spotlight: Jennifer Wang

Nov 22, 2012

As soon as I laid eyes upon Jennifer's Wang's beautiful blog, Art in Our Blood, I was captivated by the stunning outfits Jennifer posts on a weekly basis. The combination of photographic skills and astounding variety of looks brings her blog to a whole new level. As her blog proclaims, she is a girl "painting pictures with art in her blood". All fashion bloggers have a certain capacity of artistic talent and passion, but Jennifer is certainly one of the few who integrates this deep love of art into her closet. With a variety of vintage, self-made, and store-bought pieces, she creates outfits that explore the playful, extraordinary aspects of the industry. With an overwhelming amount of visual appeal, Jennifer's blog is a delight to visit. Today, she is giving Moments with Meera readers an exclusive look into her love for style.

1. What is the inspiration behind your blog title?
Art In Our Blood comes from the Sherlock Holmes story, The Greek Interpreter: "Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms." To me it means that everyone has art in their blood even if it doesn't manifest itself onto a canvas. Fashion is just another way that we can outwardly express the art in our blood.
2. What are your favorite blog shops or online stores?
My favorite places to shop online are Romwe, O-Mighty, Motel Rocks, Wasteland, Nasty Gal, and random things here and there from eBay!
3. Who sparked your interest in the fashion world?
There was no specific person that inspired my interest in the fashion world. It just sort of happened to be honest! 
4. What are your future plans or goals?
I plan to pursue a career in fashion design and right now I am applying to art schools to major in fashion design! I hope to one day show at NYFW and eventually establish a brand under my name. I'd also love to teach what I know about fashion at a university if I did become an established designer!
5. You have such a versatile, unique sense of style. What instills this versatility in your looks?
Aww thank you! I am always inspired by characters from novels, films, songs, mythology, fairytales, comics etc.
6. On your blog home page, yo have included a beautiful quote from Sherlock Holmes. What other artistic influences affect your blog's aesthetic?
Delving deeper into my answer above, in particular, I love modeling my outfits after dark and witchy characters, goddesses, or even Marvel characters-- you can never have too many outfits inspired by Iron Man!
7. If you could dress in one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Black for sure!
8. You include many gorgeous headpieces in your outfit posts. Where do you find them?
Thank you! A lot of them I make myself! It's really easy to make turbans  flower headdresses, and chain headpieces. I also have some things which I took from my Mom's closet but I usually find them in the most random little stores! 

What do you think of Jennifer's style?

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  20. Jennifer is amazing, love her style! :) ...great post!

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  22. Ah, Jennifer! I love her sense of style too. I adore how dreamy and high-quality all of her images are as well, they make her blog a joy to peruse. She's absolutely flawless. This interview was really informative and I learnt a ton about her that I previously did not know. Great post as always, Meera! Look forward to more interviews like this (:

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  23. I am seriously so in love with her style and beautiful photos as well haha. can't believe she's so young.

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