Nov 21, 2012

"Design your life and be the woman you want to be." 

A few months ago, around my birthday month of September, I created a list to show my top choices for 15th birthday gifts. The options I chose to display consisted of classic teenage wishes, from a delicate Marc by Marc Jacobs wristlet to a stunning pair of Tory Burch flats. Each choice described my ideal birthday present, but, in the end, I received a present that surpassed my greatest wishes. A stunning, orange Diane von Furstenburg bag.
Ripping open the elaborate DVF package and finding a compact, clutch-like accessory was one of the most wonderful moments of my birthday. The crinkling wrapping paper, that came all the way from my hometown, New York City, concealed my alluring gift, courtesy of my parents. I do generally carry large bags; all the items that I require when I go out are all small and absolutely necessary. From my beloved iPhone to a tiny tube of MAC lipgloss, these are the only items I need to fit in a bag as small as this one. With a width of 18 centimeters and a height of 14, it is the ideal purse for me. Of course, fashion is not purely based on function. Instead, I opted for this vibrant accessory as I examined each and every detail of it. A delicate gold lock, beautifully engraved with the DVF logo, along with the perfectly-placed stitches surrounding it, added to the bag's appeal. Although the far-from-neutral hue – an electrifying variation of tangerine – detracts from its versatility, the color is sure to make a statement. Whether I am heading to lunch at one of Singapore's many cozy cafes or venturing on a shopping trip around Orchard road, the DVF delight is the flawless option. I couldn't have begun my 15th year on a better note. Diane von Furstenburg's truly inspiring passion for her craft is evident in the work she does. Each of her creations celebrates life as she knows it – she documents love, color, and travel in each of her concoctions, which never fail to impress critics and shoppers all across the globe. Her captivating outlook on the fashion world is displayed in her truly remarkable pieces, and my new bag is no exception. 

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  1. Oh how gorgeous! I love the color!

  2. Thanks meera :D
    keep in touch dear
    I'll following
    xoxo :D

  3. this bag is perfection! can't wait to see you wear it in future posts.


  4. That is an absolutely beautiful clutch, Meera! I love Diane von Furstenburg as well, she's so talented. Happy belated 15th birthday! (:

    Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  5. omg i need that red bag. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! xO!

  6. This is such a cute bag, loving it!

  7. Wow Beautiful bag!!!


  8. Amazing, and this color too!! Girl can dream.. ohh

    kisses from FL

  9. Its Beautiful! What a lovely gift!
    You're a great writer, and your blog is fashionably inspiring!


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