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Dec 20, 2012

Dress | Passport Case | Book | Ring | Earrings | iPhone Case | Clutch | Notebook

Holidays are just around the corner! If you are someone like me, last-minute gift shopping is somewhat of a Christmas tradition. This quick gift guide is perfect for getting a glittery present for any fashion-loving girl in your life. From splurging on a delicate Kate Spade cocktail ring to giving away a cute set of H&M studs, these eight items are ideal for a wonderful Christmas. The price range is from just  Most gifts above are self-explanatory as to why they are suitable present options, I describe my very favorite options below. Happy shopping, everyone!

+ This Urban Outfitters dress is the quintessential for the holiday season. Although it is a somewhat over-the-top look, what is Christmas without a little extravagance? With a unique use of color-blocking and sequins in a beautiful shade of aqua, a dress like this is perfect for the season of parties.
+ The month of December is synonymous with travel, too. Since most families venture to a foreign part of the world or head home to visit relatives, this gold passport case is a necessary travel item. Kate Spade is known for its cute, oh-so-girly prints and patterns, but this case is infused with elegance.
+ At just $14, this notebook is absolutely adorable. Anthropologie's range of feminine clothing, home decor items, and accessories are lovely for anyone, really. This notebook is covered in covered in glittering silver polka dots and can be used in so many ways.

What do you think of this glittery gift guide? What is on Christmas wish-list?

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  1. Love the H&M earrings! Great post :)
    x Mariana |

  2. At other times of the year, I am not the biggest glitter- wearer, but something about this time of year I want everything I wear to be sequined and shiny! These are such cute pics, thanks for sharing! :)
    Happy Holidays to you!
    xo Hannah

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  4. Amazing guide, winter is the perfect season for glitter and sequins (although I wear them whole year round, too!) :)

    Une Dandizette

  5. love the ring.

  6. nice choice!

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