Fide Fashion Week Part 2: Maurizio Galante.

Dec 25, 2012

Prior to his outstanding career as a couturier, Maurizio Galante studied architecture. His vast knowledge of architecture is so beautifully visible in his work as a designer. The silhouettes are fluid and seem to hold movement of themselves. The color palette ranged from brilliant shades of emerald green, yellow, and burgundy, while maintaining a smooth balance by incorporating fresh, clean clothes in classic black and white. The designer himself states that his designs are a "fusion of past, present, and future." These eloquent words are a perfect description of the looks. The Fide Fashion Week runway was glowing with Maurizio's designs, the collection being one of the best shown.
This Oz-worthy shade of green reflected the best of Galante's immeasurable talent. The color was the highlight of the show for me, mostly because it is just such a beautiful shade. Galante infused his talent for architecture with the beauty of the color, as seen above. The silhouette on the very left displayed the movement that is so masterfully incorporated in all the looks, although it is a somewhat confusing form. Pleats that fall in wave-like folds combined with a large silhouette made for a visually-appealing look but one that broke the smooth, clean aesthetic of the previous looks. The designer himself told Time Out Singapore that "the movement" of his green concoction above, "reminds [him] of underwater vegetation." Another praise for the designer would be the versatility with which he handled the color – each emerald green look was utterly unique.
Taking away from the stunning simplicity of the show was the less-than well thought out color combinations. Above are the very few looks that lacked elegance, as the neon colors thrown together in one look did not reflect the best of Galante's abilities. The look on the right was one of my least favorites, with too many themes and ideas merged into one look. Printed tights and a purple ribbon belt added to the slight  confusion of the look. In the middle, the colors alone are stunning – a brilliant magenta shrug and a structured, violet halter top are both lovely pieces alone. But together? Not as much. The look on the right returned Maurizio's status as a versatile  designer, as he constructed  a breathtaking coat, both in terms of silhouette and print.
Using a variety of fabrics was another plus point of Maurizio's artfully executed collection. The seamless integration of fabrics, as seen above, was beautiful. Shades of yellow – which I find are rare in most couture collection – were unusually found in the show, but Galante evidently did not have a fixed color scheme. Stilettos that are not quite couture-like held simplicity in their cut and made for a graceful touch. I particularly like the red look in the middle, which has a certain drama to it.
Hands down, the most breathtaking aspect of Galante's show at Fide Fashion Week was the angelic shades of white that made more than a few appearances on the beautiful models. Among the all-white ensembles was a  Grecian one-shoulder dress, (second from the right) which was surprisingly layered over silver pants, with crochet-like flowers imprinted upon the dress itself. These pieces reflected so much quiet emotion and power. I was honestly gasping when I saw these looks in person, and I continue to be astounded by their beauty upon looking at it again. There is certainly a romantic touch to the flow of the fabric and the cut of the clothing. The cocktail dress on the very left has streams of layered fabric, flowing down to the model's feet in a smooth fashion. A designer is truly talented when he or she can conjure illusions of a different world and era through their creations – Maurizio has done so with these all-white looks.
In deep contrast to the white looks above, Maurizio displayed his talent for architectural fashion with these black outfits. The word "outfit" is somewhat misleading though, as most of the looks above are truly unwearable on a day-to-day basis. Oversized, large structures are the only way I can truly describe them. The look on the very right displayed the repeated image of deconstruction, a theme that was prominent in Galante's collection. While these looks provided a certain personality to the collection, the dainty, chic mood of white was lost when it comes to the black color scheme. The color, which is admittedly one of my favorites, could have been used in such a way that is had the same power of cream and white hues. Nonetheless, Galante's artistic talents were on display in the look above and did not fail to hold beauty and expression. Maurizio Galante presented a collection of pure talent, emotion, and art; infusing these qualities with an deep knowledge and grasp on the world of couture. 

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