Goodbye Gossip Girl.

Dec 23, 2012

Glamour, drama, revenge, betrayal – these are all words that express the sentiments of the show that was Gossip Girl. In the city of New York, words like these are synonymous with high society, but Gossip Girl takes wealth and prestige to a whole new level. Posh private schools, out-of-control high school parties, and sensation proms and balls are nothing out of the ordinary for Blair, Serena, and all the other characters of the show. With an electrifying setting, a sensational cast, and hundreds of juicy moments, the show has had a wonderful run on television. Be it a wedding, a party, fashion week, or any high-society gathering, Gossip Girl's episodes never fail to feature an event oozing with breathtaking moments of suspense and shock. Sadly, its reign in the hearts of obsessive teenage girls is over as the final episode aired just last week. As a die-hard New York City fan, Gossip Girl was the ideal show for me. In this post, I take a few moments to delve into the ever-stylish world of Gossip Girl, paying tribute to its fabulous lead actresses and the stylist, Eric Daman.
The stylist of the show, Eric Daman, is now renowned for creating the iconic looks of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Of Blair's enviable wardrobe, he says, "There was a lot of old Hollywood, a very American fashion and glamour thing was going on, more Audrey Hepburn-inspired. I felt Blair was very meticulous in the way that Anna Wintour is in her dressing." Blair is often experimental with her style but seamlessly maintains her feminine style. To attain Blair's looks, think elegant and polished and don't forget to don a headband! Her character on the show is smug, snobby, and is everything that her minions strive to be. However, her sweet, sensitive side is seen too. In this way, Blair's outfits display her personality with exquisite silhouettes and a medley of colors and florals. And of course, her breathtaking relationship with the amazing character Chuck Bass adds to her appeal. With a mane of lush, curly brown hair, she is the opposite of Serena, her best friend and at times, her biggest rival. Personally, I have always preferred Blair's character, as she holds wit, attitude and a sharp humor along with many sought-after qualities. 
Serena is the girl who is always the center of attention. With her incredible height, perfect figure, and trade-mark blonde waves, she is the center of the show's plot and sparked the Gossip Girl phenomenon. Her versatility is what makes her style so lovely. Above, the gold-splattered dress shows off her taste for utterly glamourous dresses but her everyday street-style looks are just as appealing. Whether its  a sequined blazer or a floral skirt, her choice of statement pieces always end up in an effortlessly-chic ensemble. As a character, I have always liked her but she lacks the personality that Blair has. 
The show may have ended, but it did so with class and beauty. The finale was a perfect conclusion to the crazy lives of the characters, finally providing them with a somewhat clichéd happy ending. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the iconic television series. Goodbye Gossip Girl! You will be missed. 

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  1. great post, i will missing the series :)

  2. Great post! GG was so great :)

    x Hannah

  3. i loved the clothes, it will be missed!

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    Xo Megan,

  4. wow, can't believe it's the end! so much great fashion!

    thanks for coming by and commenting!


  5. Stunning post! I love all the outfit pictures you've included. I never was a huge fan of the series, but I think after all the hype of the finale, I might consider giving it a second chance! I absolutely LOVE Blair, though. From the few episodes I did watch, I know that I absolutely love her!

    xx, Veena

  6. OMG I was so sad when Gossip Girl ended! I seriously cried for awhile after :( Such a great show- so much amazing fashion!

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  7. Great Post Meera!
    We both have been a huge fan of gossip girl, watching it grow over 6 amazing seasons. It is so sad to see that Gossip Girl has ended, although the cliched ending was definitely amazing to watch. All of Blair's outfits throughout the seasons are so glamorous and fashionable, so is Serena's!

    Eli and Nicole
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  8. It will be dearly missed! But I will never forget it :)

  9. Amazing blog. I will miss gossip girl a lot. Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook and bloglovin? It will be a pleasure.

    Let me know :)

  10. Hello dear!! Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;)
    Kisses from Spain!

  11. those girls<3
    x the cookies


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