Blogger Spotlight: Alexa Curtis

Feb 26, 2013

Blogger Alexa Curtis, of the wonderful fashion blog A Life in the Fashion Lane, is one of the bloggers across the globe who I consider a friend from the blogosphere. Corresponding through Twitter, email, and Facebook has made us get to know one another on a certain level, which is one of the truly magnificent aspects of blogging. One day, I hope to meet Alexa is person, but in the meantime, reading her blog will have to do! With dozens of über-chic outfit posts, and behind-the-scenes coverage of New York Fashion Week, Alexa's website has something for everyone. At just 15, she has accomplished all of this – including being featured on FOX News! For this month's Blogger Spotlight post, Alexa gives us a look into her style, blog, and hopes for the future. 
1. What made you start your fashion blog? 
My blog began about 2 years ago when I was visiting my sister in NY and got really bored late at night. I had always been into fashion and models and Vogue (everything related to the industry) and had the idea of starting a small website where my thoughts about clothing could be shared with other people. I do not think 2 years ago when this first began that I would be calling it my full-time job. My school is super small and from a part of CT that is the opposite of fashion related (think Uggs and sweatpants 24/7) and being different was something that was always hard for me until I found a way to connect with other people that are just like me with similar passions. 
2. One designer whose clothes you could wear everyday? 
This is a hard question! I love Tibi for the professional and fashion forward look, and BCBGMAXAZRIA is great because it is more affordable compared to a very high-end line and the pieces are versatile. Of course, Valentino and Balenciaga are every girls dream!  
3. Future goals for A Life in the Fashion Lane
I have so many my head feels like it is about to explode sometimes. A few secret projects that I am working on this year and am super excited about, but my goal this year is to brand myself more and focus on getting to 1,000 followers on my blog! 
4. What is your dream career? 
To work as creative director at a top magazine like Vogue or to run my own public relations firm. 
5. What is your proudest or greatest moment as a fashion blogger? 
Being on Fox News last year was amazing for me and such an experience. It may sound super crazy but being recognized at Fashion Week this season was insane! My dream has always been to at some point begin to become a fashion blogger people recognize (like the Man Repeller or Blonde Salad) and this season I started to feel that way. 
6. Describe your personal style in just three words? 
Preppy, artistic, chic. 
7. Who are your favorite or particularly inspiring fashion bloggers? 
I adore Sincerely, Jules because her style is something I would wear everyday. Saucy Glossie is also great in a professional working woman aspect. Of course some of my favorite blogs are written by teen bloggers that are now my closest friends in the fashion industry that I would choose over famous blogs because they are original and unique. 
8. What are your favorite trends for Fall/Winter 2013? 
A trend that was seen a lot at New York Fashion Week was knit beanies which was an intriguing surprise that was unexpected from many. They are a great addition to a simple look with jeans and a hoodie, or with a layered look involving a dress and blazer etc. Tons of blacks and deep purples which is nothingless fabulous for fall and winter. There was also SO much gold! Everything from gold jumpsuits to heels and gold bedazzled dresses...makes me want Christmas right now. 

What do you think of Alexa's blog and style?

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  1. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  2. I love her style and her hair! :)

    Kisty / The Style Mermaid

    ** Also followed you on GFC!

  3. I love her style and her hair! :)

    Kisty / The Style Mermaid

    ** Also followed you on GFC!


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