Feb 27, 2013

Snakecharmer Clutch |

There is nothing like a simple, elegant touch of white and gold to compliment any outfit. Versatility is a factor I always seek when shopping for accessories, and colors like the ones above could work for any look, let alone every season and event. Madewell's ultra-chic clutch, with a delicate gold chain attached for ultimate usage, is the perfect option for almost any look. With a influx of black ensembles coming in the NYFW shows a few weeks ago, white is the perfect tone to compliment its opposite. I believe that the best way to shop is to invest in pieces that will provide you with multiple occasions upon which you may wear it – Madewell has completed this task for you with their sleek Snakecharmer clutch. Opt to pair the bag with a few of Zara's stunning dresses from their latest collection. The smooth silhouettes – and variety of colors – gives you dozens of options for any classic, feminine look. While the pink dress on the very left exudes the freeness of summer spirit, the color-blocked A-line dress on the right is ideal for a Fall evening in any glamourous city.
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What do you think of the Snakecharmer clutch? Which one of Zara's gorgeous dresses would you pair the accessory with?

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  4. Gorgeous bag, love the monochrome dress x

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  6. love love love that clutch!
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  7. Nice inspiration. Have a great day.

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment! Amazing items, love that bag so much. :)) x

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  11. You're right. the clutch is gorgeous! And very easy to pair with things too <3

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  12. What a lovely bag and so versatile for summer. I think it would look amazing with the black and white dress. A useful wardrobe addition.

  13. i love the snakecharmer bag for its simplicity and its chic color combo (white and gold). i'd pair it with the first or second dress--i think it needs a bright dress to properly stand out!

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