blogger spotlight: shauna lim.

Apr 24, 2013

2o-year-old Shauna Lim, one of the most prominent blog-shop models in Singapore, juggles modeling and running an majorly-successful blog, ShaunaLim, all at the same time. With her lovely golden hair and classic, bold red lips, Shauna is a gorgeous blog-shop model, and continues to chronicle her modeling adventures on her blog. With the next ten questions, Shauna gives us an inside look on all things to do with modeling, from tips to her best modeling moments!

1. When did you first start modeling? How did you start and at what age?
I started modeling at the end of last year, at the age of 19 and I approached a blog shop who was looking for a model, the kind owner took me with no experience.
2. What are the most memorable brands you have modeled for in the past?
I've only been modeling for blog shops and to me, all the blog shops are memorable!
3. Is there a particular piece of work you are most proud of?
There's no particular piece of work that I'm proud of but I could see myself improving in modeling (the way I look, my speed, my creativity of poses!) and my character as the days pass, and I guess this is good enough for me.
4. Will you pursue modeling in the future, full-time?
Yes I would love to, but I doubt I have the criteria to do full-time professional modeling because of my height.
5. What are the biggest ways in which modeling has changed your life?
Modeling taught me to not be shy, to be more confident and pose in front of the camera, to be me! When I'm in the studio, as I stand posing in front of the cameras, I'm able to be calm and not think about anything else but poses. Modeling made me feel happier and free. Not only does it help me boost myself, also, I made so many new friends through modeling, be it fellow models or blog shop owners. I'm able to socialize more and feel extremely comfortable with people around me!
6. Are there any downsides to your job?
So far, everything has been great.
7. When you are not modeling, what takes up your free time?
When I'm not modeling, most of the time i'm either with my boyfriend, family, friends or blogging!
8. Do you have any advice for aspiring models in Singapore?
Just be yourself, do not be shy and go for it.
9. How is modeling in Singapore different from the rest of the world?
I guess in Singapore, we cannot be exposed to real professional modeling. Singapore is too limited and honestly, I feel that anyone could be a model in Singapore. But for elsewhere, you need to have a minimum standard or criteria to be a model.
10. Besides modeling, what is a dream career for you?
I have many dream careers. I used to wish that I could be a vet, a forensic scientist, or even a ballet teacher!

Be sure to check out Shauna's blog here!

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