#aff day 3: peter pilotto.

Jun 22, 2013

All images via Shentonista 
As the models walked down the runway, the flash of cameras never stopped and the adoring looks on the faces of all fashionistas in Singapore was certainly memorable – and it was all due to the wonderful show we were all witnessing. Although this is a much-delayed post, I have finally set out to describe the pristine, stunning beauty of Peter Pilotto's Fall 2013 collection, which I was lucky enough to see in person at the Audi Fashion Festival. A distinctly modern interpretation of renaissance artist El Greco, Peter Pilotto's latest Fall collection was a shock to all those sitting in the audience at the Audi Fashion Festival. The designers behind Peter Pilotto, Pilotto himself and Christopher De Vos, state that they, "always look to the art world" when it comes to finding inspiration. The collection boasted an impressive, shocking amount of detailed print, blended with subdued yet effective hues. The designers behind the collection masterfully wove in their digital, graphic design aesthetic while placing a baroque, artistic touch to each piece. Never was the attention to the clothes drawn away; sleek, pulled-back hair and minimal makeup reinsured that all the emphasis of the collection was placed on the clothes itself. Everyone who knows Pilotto is aware that the brand is geared towards prints. With prints ranging from psychedelic to refined, it is a part of each collection every season. In this collection, prints once again dominated the runway, adorning everything from the architectural clothing to the swoon-worthy heels (which, after seeing in person, I am dying to own). Add in a touch of fur, cut-out shapes, and a multitude of rhinestones, and you've got an accurate representation of Peter Pilotto's collection. The most magnificent aspect of it was the synthesis of history and relevant modern fashion, and the brand's ability to make the paintings and artworks of the renaissance period into clothes that everyone today yearns for.
Check out a few of my Instagram photographs from the night below! (Also, I just reached 1K on Instagram – thank you to everyone who is following me.)
1. Posing with Vanessa, the editor-in-chief of the fabulous website, WTF SG.
2. A quick snap of one of the striking, yellow dresses on the runway.
3. My friend Sadie and I taking photographs with the AFF billboards before the show started.

Every night at the Audi Fashion Festival was definitely noteworthy, but this might have been the most memorable, partly due to the collection and partly due to the ambiance of the event itself. This extremely long post will end with a quote from Peter Pilotto, who is now a designer I would count as one of my favorites. Pilotto says, "It's always a highlight seeing women wearing our clothes. We love seeing it on real women, more than a model, worn in their own way."



  1. This is amazing I LOVE Peter Pilotto!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful pictures. I love all the bold prints. You're so lucky, you get to go to all these shows.x

  3. This looks like a great collection! Thanks for the coverage. Would've loved to see this live!




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