lush life with nasty gal.

Jun 14, 2013

Images via Nasty Gal
If you love fashion or are a shopaholic in any respect, you've surely heard of Nasty Gal, a fashion-forward online destination for "badass girls". The concept behind Nasty Gal has caught the attention of millions across the world, making it one of the most well-known places to shop. Filled weekly with all-new products, vintage and high-street, the store's founders describe a 'nasty gal' as "the coolest girl in the room." This perception of its customers has fueled the brand's success and everlasting impression on teenage girls seeking über-chic items for their closets. The brand's unique aesthetic has transfered onto its many stunning look-books, including its June 2013 version, aptly entitled, "Lush Life". In a series of photographs, Nasty Gal has displayed the best of its summer collection.
With the help of stunning visuals, the already visually-appealing set of clothes are even more striking. The model's sun-kissed appearance and sleek, pulled-back hair assisted the beauty aspect of the photographs, along with a vivid coat of pouty orange lipstick. And the fashion itself? When it comes to Nasty Gal, there is no lack of style, and their summer look is sheer perfection. This is completely evident in the tribal-esque neckpieces, fluorescent + floral A-line dresses, and lime sunglasses. There was nothing simplistic or minimalistic about the clothing – every basic ensemble was taken to a whole new level. A typical animal print featured a unique twist – a kaleidoscope of neon shades was incorporated in the look. In this way, Nasty Gal gave a fresh angle to its lookbook, which is certain to catch the attention of all fashion-forward teenagers scouring their website on a weekly basis.
Throughout the lookbook, the accessories donned by their beautiful model are prominent. Exploring the Nasty Gal website shows you that there are dozens of magnificent accessories, from a peek-a-boo, plastic clutch to retro sunglasses – all ideal for summer. Shop my Nasty Gal picks below!
What do you think of the summer lookbook and the accessories above?



  1. Absolutely love the accessories you've picked! Those floral wedges and the neon chain necklace are beautiful!

    Yinyin xx

  2. i'm so freakin obsessed with this lookbook! nasty gal is one of my favorite lines. i did the edginess and effortlessness of every piece in the lookbooks. the mix between pastels and bright colors is bold and daring.


  3. I agree, they have such one of a kind pieces!

  4. Wow, that lookbook looks amazing! Also love the accessories, those sunglasses and heels look so cute!

  5. Nasty Gal is the best, especially their lookbooks! Even if I don't order anything, they always offer killer inspiration.


  6. The white accents are so clean! And it's so tropical! I love it!

  7. This is gorgeous. All the colors and prints are amazing :)

  8. wow all those prints are absolutely amazing!
    love it!

  9. shopping online is one of the things i rarely do, My mom doesnt seem to agree with me plus the shipping fee. nasty gal is one of my faves! their clothes seem to be trendy and elegant and some clothes can really be expensive but there are also good deals.


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