nyc 2013 photo diary.

Jul 16, 2013

As those of you who follow my Instagram account may know, I've spent the last month in New York City, and its been one of the busiest months I've experienced yet. From attending a creative writing course for high school students at Columbia University to shopping on 5th avenue and at Bloomingdales, the holiday was the perfect balance between being productive and having an amazing time. I met an incredible amount of people; both new friends and old ones. I wrote eighteen pages worth of literature during my course (which I may share on my blog!) and visited a bevy of stunning museums which offered me isolated afternoons immersed in history. Of course, being in New York provided many photo opportunities, all of which I captured and shared on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some of the highlights of my wonderful month.

1. The breathtaking Columbia University campus, where I was taking classes for the past three weeks. 
2. My sister and I posing at Times Square, shopping bags in tow. Times Square is a cliché, touristy place to go to while in the city, but there is a good reason for it: the bright lights and alluring energy is incredible to witness. We watched The Lion King on Broadway (which reduced me to tears honestly) and walked around the neighborhood afterwards. 
3. The classic blogger picture: Starbucks at the airport! It was necessary though, after two immensely long flights to reach our final destination. 
4. We attended Forever 21's exclusive summer events (#F21summervacay), which were held in multiple states across the country. In New York City's Union Square store, shoppers were treated to giveaways, amazing music, sale discounts and a super-fun atmosphere in which to shop. Towards the end of the event, we took pictures against the adorable photo wall.
5. Black and white photography against eclectic store windows across the city.
6. My mother and I in the beautiful Jon Jay Park, where we spent the first morning eating delicious bagels and ice-cream cones on the green park benches. Mornings in the city are the most wonderful time, when everything is much more quaint and tranquil than usual.
7. Reading Vogue's exclusive Met Ball issue at the British Airways lounge, before my flight to London! The lounge had incredible food, including this assortment of berries.
8. Diya and I in our similar #ootds, on the second day of the trip. The weather was beautiful throughout our holiday, and every picture we took was soaked with sunlight. 
9. An absolutely magnificent couture dress by Comme des Garçons, which was a part of the Metropolitan Museum's Punk exhibition. The exhibition displayed a multitude of ensembles that reflected the art of punk fashion and it was an enlightening experience to see the vision behind each piece. A post on the exhibition will be coming up soon.

That was my trip to New York City, in a nutshell. For more of my pictures, be sure to check out my Instagram account



  1. Awww! I love this post :) I wish I had experienced the city in high school and not just in college. It is a wonderful place no matter how humid it gets! And yes the Columbia campus is breathtaking!

    xox Lara

  2. Such cute photos! Looks & sounds like you had an awesome time :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Wow. It sounds like you had such a fabulous time in NYC! Great photos.:)

    Fizz and Frosting

  4. Amazing photos, you were so lucky to visit such a beautiful city, thanks for sharing the experience with us!!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  5. looks like you guys had tons of fun!!

  6. Wow, this sounds so interesting! I would love to go to NY one day :)

  7. You took classes at Columbia?! That's awesome! One of my friends is going to grad school there now. It looks like you had a blast in NYC! Your pictures are too fab!

    Happy Wednesday!
    A Southern Drawl

    Also, I would love if you could check out a giveaway on my blog (it's only my second giveaway ever)!

  8. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Really gorgeous photos and it seems that you've got the chance to experience soooo very much in the amount of time you've been there ^^

    Christina xx

  9. I'm so incredibly jealous you spent a month in NYC! I was only there for a few days.

    I visited the Columbia campus as well! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

    Can't wait to see more posts!


  10. Thank you for sharing a whole bunch of information on the punk movement, it was very interesting to read. You have a good blog and you just gained a follower :)
    (¯`·._.·Nymphashion FB·._.·´¯)

  11. NYC brings about the biggest burst of inspiration imaginable! i LOVETY-LOVE that city and can see you've had the same experience. how wonderful to get to go there for as long as you have. bonus about completing 18 pages too!

    great photos to re-cap this tremendous, you & your mom look like sisters. unreal + too cute! ♥

  12. Sounds like you had a ball in NYC so jealous :)The pics are amazing!!

    Jess xx

  13. Sounds like you had a ball in NYC so jealous :)The pics are amazing!!

    Jess xx


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