5 reasons to love joie.

Aug 23, 2013

Since its birth in 2001, Joie has merged the laid-back essence of Californian lifestyle along with classic French, Coco Chanel-esque designs. Upon visiting its store in Soho, I was overwhelmed by the brand's covetable aesthetic and range of simple, luxurious clothes. Tailored for warm climates, but often with a chic, city-like undertone to each piece, the clothes are minimalistic and marvelously made. Besides the actual clothing, accessories, and beautiful shoes, there are dozens of other reasons to put Joie on your list of favorite designers. Need more reasons to be intrigued by the brand? Here are five! Read on to find out how Joie has packaged their social media presence, design philosophy and more to absolute perfection. 

1. The Instagram Inspiration
With a bevy of positive, enlightening quotes, sneak peeks of their exquisite collections and photographs of renowned fashion bloggers donning their clothing, Joie's Instagram account is somewhat of a dream. For an Instagram addict like myself, it is especially rewarding to follow Joie, as it is a constant stream of inspiration with each quick snapshot. Visions of Paris, elegant studios, and fashion tailored perfectly for each separate season (look out for some serious Fall style!) is always incorporated in every photograph Joie's social media team posts. 

2. The Fall 2013 Ad Campaign Video
A delightful (and utterly French) soundtrack, a trio of stunning, smiling models and a collection brimming with silk, fur, and shades of white, red, and black.

3. The Definition 
A self-explanatory reason for adoring Joie is the definition. In a nutshell, it is a French word which means joy. Joie's clothes evoke joy and happiness in all their customers, therefore the brand basically possesses the ideal name. 

4. The Store
I was lucky enough to visit Joie's boutique in Soho, New York City, where I initially began to adore Joie and its unavoidable appeal in the fashion industry. If you are ever visiting the United States, pop by one of the boutiques for sleek architectural details, glittering white walls, and dozens of mirrors in order to admire yourself in Joie's creations.

5. The Blog
For a fashion blogger, seeking inspiration from other fashion blogs is often part of the process; as a reader, fashion blogs serve as a wonderful source of entertainment. I consider myself both a blogger and a reader, and Joie's blog is the ultimate designer blog to scroll through in your idle time. With style tutorials, such as the one above, 'Joie Girl' guides for weekend fun, Instagram roundups, and shopping inspiration, their blog is brimming with something to suit the taste of any fashion reader.

What do you think of Joie?



  1. uhhh joie is the bomb.com!!! such rad stuff! wish i could have all of it :))



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  3. Such a beautiful post, dear ^_^

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