i love designer uk launch.

Aug 28, 2013

ILoveDesigner.com, a solely-online brand based in two beautiful cities, London and Singapore, puts a spotlight on Eastern and Western jewelry in every collection they carry. Boasting an enormous variety of designers across dozens of countries, I Love Designer projects a unique vision that is utterly relevant to our world today: a blend between cultures from different parts of the world. This iconic concept has fueled the brand's success and ability in creating unique, luxurious jewelry pieces from multiple talented designers the website curates. From Bali to Jaipur to New York, spanning from the East to the West, I Love Designer's philosophy is to merge these cultures into one accessible, beautifully-put-together resource. As a huge fan of this idea and the brand's aesthetic, an invite to the UK Launch was both exciting and perfectly-time; during my week-long visit in London, I had the chance to attend the exclusive party and see the ornate, gorgeous pieces in person.
Created exclusively for the launch party, Outhouse for ILoveDesigner.com was a breathtaking collection of jewelry inspired by the punk movement. With distinctly Indian touches in terms of the colors and certain stones, the pieces retained a sense of ethnicity but was punctured with a punk flavour. Spikes, studs, and quirky 'bug' designers (literally tiny spiders and scorpions) are infused between the delightful medley jewels. While talking to media representatives at the event, they described the theme of this line: "glam punk", which is a succinct way to describe it.
One of India's most renowned, talented designer, Manish Arora, collaborated with another highly-respected Indian jewelry boutique, Amrapali in order to create a line of covetable, baroque jewelry pieces. Manish Arora for Amrapali was one of my favorite lines on display at the event, with distinctly flashy, ostentatious designs. In his signature neon, candy-colored palette, the designs are a wonderful example of what I Love Designer, as a company, represents – the chicness of both Eastern and Western fashion.
For the event, my mother and I contrasted one another, with her in an all-white ensemble while I donned a black and white printed dress. My dress, a new buy from Forever 21, was adorned with a playful aztec print, with a subtle line of crochet in the middle – basically, one of my favorites. I paired the dress with a neutral-toned item, just to downplay the dizzying print I was donning. The wedges, by Steve Madden, were featured in one of my previous outfit posts, which you can read here.
My mother and I spent an adequate amount of time admiring the stunning clutches by Katja Tamara. Constructed primarily with python skin and completed in a rainbow of colors, everything from a startling blood-red to a soothing shade of ocean blue) the clutches are handmade in Bali, where the designer drew inspiration from. 
 Adorned with pearls, brass, violet stones, and accented with an array of colors – I could use dozens of descriptions on the one beautiful piece of jewelry above. Just as cultures all across the world have connected in various ways, the jewelry of I Love Designer intertwines ethnicities through a powerful medium of communication: jewelry and fashion.

Make sure to head over to the I Love Designer website to see all the beautiful pieces I was lucky enough to check out at the UK Launch! 



  1. Wonderful post! I attended the ILD launch in Singapore months ago and loved it too. Great dress!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  2. The jewelry looks beautiful! The necklace in the second image is the perfect blend of edginess and sophistication.



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