singapore's rise in fashion.

Aug 6, 2013

Models on the runway at Chanel Cruise 2014's presentation in Singapore.
Although the misconception that Singapore is in China continues to be a popular myth, and the question “Singapore has a fashion week?” is still asked, Singapore’s rise in the fashion world is almost tangible. It is difficult to start off on such a topic, as the examples and evidence of this occurrence is plenty, but the proudest moment for the Singapore fashion scene begins with one word: Chanel.
With the arrival of the whos-who of the fashion industry on our small island,  the importance of Singapore in the evolving fashion world was announced. Held in Loewen Cluster, on Dempsey Hill, everyone from Dakota Fanning to Andre Leon Talley attended the show. Apart from the fact that this renowned brand chose Singapore to present their collection, it was even more fascinating to see the influence of Asia that was imprinted on the impeccable designs. A hint of Asian fashion was displayed in the rich adornment on each article of clothing and in the heavy jewelry donned by the models.
Back in 2011, Odile Benjamin, the designer behind Raoul, stated that the Singapore fashion scene is developing at a rapid speed. In an exclusive interview with Vogue UK, Benjamin, along with other local designers, discussed the importance of the fashion scene in Singapore ”There’s an incredible amount of talent and creativity here in Asia. There’s no reason why the next hub of fashion shouldn’t be Asia,” said Benjamin. ”China is considered as production, but not fashion, connoisseur. Give it 30 to 40 years and we will be there.”
Of course, there are multiple aspects to this influx of focus on Singaporean fashion. One of these factors is the economy – Asia is the place where the economy, as well as life in general, is changing for the better and at a faster pace.
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