all in the details.

Sep 11, 2013

It's the details which bring an outfit to life. A pair of simple black heels are transformed with just the touch of a bow adorning it. Seemingly "casual" jeans make a much greater impact when you see the iconic black-and-white striped pattern printed across it. And, the most surprising of all, a white tank-top breaks down the illusion of minimalism when you suddenly notice the intricate lace concoction carefully done on the back. It's the details which take a seemingly simple ensemble to a different level. It was this concept which fueled my latest outfit post, which I had the pleasure of shooting at ION Orchard (one of Singapore's most well-known malls) with the lovely photographer Sophie Hackett. 

At first, I was almost apprehensive to don the vibrant pair of pants gifted to me by the seriously amazing blog shop, Smooch the Label. My only fear was that the print was exceptionally vibrant and would clash with the flow of beachwear-esque clothing you can find all around Singapore; but this turned out to be the best thing about it. The pants definitely caught a few stares around the Orchard area, but the looks were of awe. On days when I aim to make a chic statement, I would opt for these stunning pants, because of the versatility it holds. While my outfit was on the luxurious side, it could have easily been dressed down for an everyday look.  Paired with the pants were items that were less eye-catching but just as charming. My light Dorothy Perkins clutch, in a rose-like hue, has been become a wardrobe essential. With it's oversized quality and subtle silver detail, it is compatible with almost any look, making it ideal. As for the top, it is a typical A&F creation and it seemed like it was perfect for any sort of shorts + tee kind-of-day but the beautiful addition of lace (it's all in the details!) took the top to an exceptional level. To top off the look, I wore my favorite new pair of Melissa shoes, courtesy of the incredible brand, as it has an undeniable combination – being adorable and elegant, all at the same time. Anyone seeking shoes, whether its a gift or a treat to yourself, head over to Melissa shoes now.

It was another rainy afternoon in Singapore but the typical weather situation had its advantage – my moderately bold outfit stood out amongst the greenery and ambiance behind me, highlighting the details which made the outfit unique in the first place. 
Top: Abercrombie and Fitch
Pants: c/o Smooch The Label
Clutch: c/o Dorothy Perkins 



  1. Totally agree - it's all in the details! You look lovely Meera xo

  2. beautiful lady!!! love how you stayed simple on top and kept the patterns on the bottom:)


  3. Great post dear, so stylish. Check out our blog if you like we can follow each other on gfc & bloglovin, let us know
    Kisses from Kenya

  4. Hi Meera, love your pants, black and white stripes is one of my favorite trend.
    Great shoes!

    Thank you for your nice comment, kisses

  5. You look gorgeous. I love black and white looks. These striped pants rock and the heels are so pretty. Have a happy weekend!!!

    xx Mira

  6. Wow, love the shoes. Really like the outfit. So chic! :)

  7. these pictures are lovely! lvoe the shoes

  8. such a cute look! i loveeee your pants!! :D

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  10. hey hun
    i just found your blog and i really love it!!
    u have such amazing content, i am totally
    following u!!
    hope i ll see u soon on my blog:)

  11. You are so beautiful! Loving these leggings - been looking for a pair for myself for such a long time :D

  12. you look incredible! i love the little bows on your shoes, and wow, what a gorgeous location!


  13. Fun pants!! I'm completely loving this look.

    xo erica

  14. Indeed, it is all about the details and the way you jazz up the striped jeans :)

    * MlleWanderlust ✡

  15. You look beyond amazing as usual! Absolutely adore your style - those pants look great on you! xo


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