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Oct 17, 2013

 It felt wonderful to once again enter the purple-glow, hallowed halls of the Marina Bay Sands for the sole purpose of Fidé Fashion Week. Out of all the incredible fashion events Singapore offers, Fidé is one of my favorites. The ingenious array of designers, spotlight on Asian couture, and fantastic PR skills (follow them on Instagram and Twitter now!) makes Fidé an occasion to remember. Throw in the celebrities – locally, Daniel Boey is a highlight, while Jennie Mai made her way back to the island for the event this year. For the first of the shows, I was lucky enough to watch the Anne Fontaine collection live on the runway.
The clothes were an unconventional merge of masculine and feminine aesthetics. Fontaine retained her quintessential color palette, with somber, monochromatic hues dominating the clothes. Every now and then, a dash of red, cobalt or another iridescent color would make its way onto the runway. Silhouettes weren't structured for the most part, but instead exuded an air of freedom and power with flowing fabric and loose kaftan-esque tops. Even the pantsuits were not firmly constructed, with intricate adornments and French frills embellished upon them. The show lacked a true concept, but nonetheless provoked an image of the influential, working woman with an impeccable wardrobe. The only factor tying together the looks was the simplicity at its core, found in everything from the delicate black stilettos and box clutches to the belted gowns. 
The more innovative looks were those that exposed the more playful, eye-catching side of the Fontaine design world. Jackets laced with a cluster of frills (an example of the French flair the brand includes) and capes consisting entirely of opaque lace are just a few of the ensembles in which Fontaine enhanced the collection. However, even then, minimalism was sustained by the color scheme. Vermillion red was a surprising touch to the show, and made a larger impact than the previous looks did. But Fontaine did not waver from the organic, simple tendency of her clothes and, despite the lack of flamboyance, continued to make beauty come alive in the collection.
All images can be found here.

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