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Nov 20, 2013

At the brush of your fingertips, a world of inspiration – of art, fashion, poetry and design – is accessible to you. That is how I perceive Tumblr. It is known as a place to find funny posts, hilarious news clips, and a pastime, a form of procrastination to teenagers across the world. But Tumblr's diversity allows for it to have multiple functions and one of these are undeniable: Tumblr is a place to be inspired. My dashboard constantly sparks my interest, and therefore, inspires me in an array of ways. My Tumblr, which you can find here (and also ask me as many questions as you want!) is an assortment of that inspiration, on one quick source. Here are my favorite photographs which pop up on my dash and influence my wardrobe on a daily basis! 
 Accessory Inspiration: Accessories complete an outfit, and there is no lack of accessory-photographs on Tumblr. From oversized chain necklaces to assortments of gold, iridescent rings, there is a large supply of opulence to be discovered. These photographs fuel wardrobe inspiration and might even cause a quick trip to the nearest Accessorize store for some retail therapy. 
 Fashion Inspiration: As I've said before, in multiple outfit posts and collection reviews, its all in the details. There is no void in fashion photography on Tumblr, as it is arguably the company's strongest core. My Tumblr is not just focused on fashion, but when photographs of outfit details – such as the ones above – appear on my dashboard, I cannot resist reblogging a few. From pleated hemlines to aztec-embellished shorts to striking nail polish, Tumblr has the best of contemporary fashion and in a beautiful light. 
 Hair Inspiration: Having a bad hair day every now and then is inevitable. To obviate the chances of this happening, stock up photos of hair-inspiration. From flower-crowned manes to smooth, perfectly-placed waves – and, of course, the influx of braid ideas – hair-inspiration is the most applicable kind.
Interior + Design Inspiration: Since my family and I just moved to a new apartment, and renovation was a long process, I naturally turned to Tumblr for my dose of inspiration. From there, I was able to confirm the small details of my room, solely from reblogging and admiring the many interior design photographs I found. Sun-soaked rooms with minimalistic appeals, wooden desks with a bevy of flowers – all pieces of design that I sought when designing my own room. 

Tumblr is one of the few places where all these categories of inspiration can come together on one beautiful platform. This factor gives Tumblr its fame, and its penchant for creativity has drawn in millions of users around the world. For those of you who are not familiar with it, head over now to create your own Tumblr or to discover thousands of photos from influential sources.

Find more unlimited inspiration on my Tumblr here! Be sure to follow me and leave your Tumblr links in the comments.



  1. I wish my hair would look like in those pictures every day! Great selections :)

  2. wowww
    great items <3
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