winter essentials: singapore edition.

Nov 23, 2013

The one downside to living in a tropical country – where sunshine is ample and rain is our only form of climate disruption – is the lack of seasons. Fall, winter and spring are exempted from our weather cycles, and instead, the years are seeped into summer. So while the rest of the world is preparing for winter, heading to department stores to stock up on trench coats and rain boots, our wardrobes have no sense of change. It is always a dream to travel to a colder country, just for a hint of a different lifestyle – no where winter is reflected in our daily outfits. But, it is not too difficult to incorporate a sense of fall and winter into our looks here in Singapore. With a few key pieces, channel a winter-esque demeanor in the midst of sun-soaked, humid country.
When approaching this look, there are two pieces that express seasonal fashion in an ideal manner: the winter sweater and the winter boots. With sweaters, the perfect ensemble is a sweater and shorts combination, which is quintessential in the guide of celebrity street style. Slip a warm sweater on and pair it with your favorite pair of shorts to have a balance between winter and summer fashion. With the freezing temperatures of our favorite malls, this look is even more convenient and it allows us to dip into Topshop and New Look's plentiful stock of winter-wear. An even more convenient path to attaining this look is the crop-top sweater, as pictured above in a luscious plum tone. With the crop-top sweater, a pair of jeans is a fitting pair and evokes an even greater sense of fall. To complete the look, sleek winter boots are ideal. Though this is a foreign concept in Singapore, and it is rare to see people donning boots on a regular basis, they can easily be bought and applied to a summer look. Think Coachella – the music festival during which a simple summer dress and clothes tweaked especially for warm weather are paired with ankle boots. To make a statement, choose a pair of boots – such as the oversized, covetable Jeffrey Campbell editions or even a New-York-sleek Michael Kors option – and wear it with any casual look. Not only will it enhance your ensemble, but it adds the perfect touch of winter essentials, without taking away from the simplicity of summer style. 

What do you think of these options? How do you incorporate winter fashion in a summer outfit?



  1. Love that white sweater! So cute

  2. LOVE me some chunky winter sweaters! They are the bomb!!! I can never not buy one when I see it, hehe.


  3. Love the sweaters! I live somewhere where we have all of the seasons. Which I love because it's nice to have a change every once and awhile!

  4. Loving the sweater selections. They look nice to snuggle up in winter. And I probably do the same - incorporating my boots into my summer wear!

    - Mel xx

  5. great pieces!



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