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Dec 14, 2013

Some of my favorite Gummí Nails designs (including Depression x Gummí Nails) on the far left.

The beauty world of Singapore has promptly given its stamp of approval to the fabulously-fun Gummí Nails. Just a few months after the birth of the brand, Gummí Nails already has magazine features (including Grazia Croatia and Nuyou – an impressive range!) and covetable collaborations under its belt. When X-Wen, the incredible fashion blogger and founder who I've had the pleasure of knowing in person, contacted me to send me some nail wraps, I couldn't have been more excited.

While I usually leave nail design to my sister – whose penchant for painting nails is a skill I can't match – Gummí Nails has introduced me to the world of nail design once again. With the beautiful range of designs, which brings every word from "bold" to "quirky" to mind, you'll always want to be donning some of these creations. Perhaps the most toned-down choice is the smooth aztec print in dazzling candy colors, but even then, Gummí Nails encourages you to add a touch of fun to your ensemble. Christmas nails are ideal for the season, with adorable creations featuring candycane stripes and Santa motifs. Edgier designs include the 'Eat. Pray. Chakras', and 'Candy Beach' options, as seen on the website here. In terms of a fashion quotient, Gummí Nails strikes perfection with a clearly visible idea in mind: to bring beautiful playfulness to your nails on an everyday basis. Another important factor for nails – at least for me – is comfort and accessibility. Often, nail wraps are difficult and particularly irksome to apply and remove. Gummí Nails does not provide this hardship, with easily applicable steps, and a free nail file that comes in every packet. Plus the designs last up to 14 days and is just as quickly removable. Versatility, stunning designs, and simplicity: what more could you want?

Among the many designs sent to me by Gummí Nails, I picked the alluring animal print option – in a heterochromatic mix of tangerine and turquoise. Of course, this provided an amazing Instagram opportunity for me, and my account will soon be filled with more nail design photographs. Aptly titled, "Rawr", the design is still available here. Just like all the nail wraps, the price is SGD$16. For Singapore locals, it is stocked at ZALORA, Rockstar by Soon Lee and Space & Light Studio in Singapore.

What do you think of the designs? Be sure to check out Gummí Nails! 



  1. looks really great! Nice to hear that it last for more than two week! Nice products!

  2. Cool nice great job on this post.

  3. Lovely nails! Lucy

  4. i need these! so cool!!!!!


  5. too cool!!! i wish i didn't bite my nails and there was actually something good with me spending money and getting mine done, but I just tear the polish off :( maybe one day i'll be able to do this myself!!


  6. Love these! X-Wen is sending me some soon and I'm super excited about them!


  7. Amazing nail art!


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