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Dec 3, 2013

DKNY just celebrated 25 years, and the one factor its retained is its modern fresh appeal and sheer youthfulness. Which is why the theme for its Pre-Fall 2014 was clearly athletic, sporty-chic, visible in every sleek ensemble concocted by DKNY's apt design team. The brand is contemporary fashion at its finest, with a breath of fresh air being incorporated with each coming season. This is a debatable statement, of course, but I believe that DKNY serves its purpose well: it is a young brand twisting and tweaking trends, placing a signature New York city stamp on every collection. Unlike couture houses and designers of a more sophisticated label, DKNY is a store on the more shoppable, accessible side, without a loss of high fashion in the process. And with Pre-Fall 2014, it does what it has done so well in the past: of-the-moment fashion with a balance of retail aspect and design sense. As a fashion blogger, I am prone to over-analysis but this collection is one of the few in which that is not required. The collection is, simply-put, fresh, fun and bold. As associated with sportswear, the color scheme was monochromatic and subtle – white-washed and all-black ensembles dominated the collection almost entirely. It was seemingly the main focus of the looks, but there was a surprising twist: a dose of candy-coated, rainbow-colored looks were sprinkled in between the minimalistic hues. This was where DKNY provided us with the playful side of the looks. Color-blocking was a prominent theme, which was in check with the air of youth derived from each piece of clothing. Silhouettes and accessories evoked a sense of sport: visors tossed into certain model's looks; clean, well-formed cuts found in everything from the leather jackets to the pastel-toned hoodies. Collars, flirty tennis skirts, and a pair of neat black stilettos topping every outfit: DKNY managed to strike a flawless combination of chic fashion and athleticism. With Pre-Fall looking so good – and hinting at major themes for Fall – I can only imagine what the upcoming collection will appear like.
What do you think of this collection?



  1. Great post! I was just planning on covering this collection on my blog :) I absolutely love this and it is by far one of my favourite pre fall '14 collection.

    x Mariana | www.goingteen.blogspot.com

  2. Great post! and I absolutely love the collection! and I totally agree with you on how DKNY is more shoppable :)


  3. great post! and I love the collection! and I agree with you on how its more shoppable :)



  4. DKNY always strikes the perfect balance between polished and athletic! Love all the urban-chic designs your picked out here. Not to mention, I'm addicted to DKNY PR Girl's twitter, haha.


  5. I love DKNY's sporty feel! Great blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC? xx


  6. Love the collection



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