Top: Topshop
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Bag: Accessorize 
Earrings: c/o Pinwheel Jewels
Heels: Studio by Tangs

With Christmas in the air, the quintessential color combination is red, green, and gold. For someone like me, a born-and-bred New Yorker who favors monochromatic hues over flamboyant varicolored ensembles, I prefer to tone down Christmas-themed looks. Which is why, in my latest outfit post, I turned to black and red for the prominent colors, with gold accents spotted here and there. The elements of the outfit were almost contradictory: heels and shorts are not a well-worn combination, but it is a look I love. A balance between alluring high-fashion and casual everyday clothes can be attained, by simply adding a pair of your favorite heels to your outfit. For a place like Singapore, this is a welcome option, as it reinforces the idea of 'Christmas-y', winter fashion, while not taking away from our ideal clothing. The other parts of the look are the Accessorize cross-body satchel and my peplum shirt from Topshop. In its entirety, the outfit sparked the thought of London for me – from the colors to the bag, from Accessorize, which can be spotted all across Oxford Street and other über-stylish parts of the magnificient city. The bag, which is in a stunning shade of cranberry-red, is of ideal size for a day out on the town and displays versatility with its flattering silhouette. My favorite part of the look, though? Earrings sponsored to me by Pinwheel Jewels

Pinwheel Jewels is Singapore's answer to an online platform specifically created for selling jewelry. Jewelry is considered the strength, even the core, of any outfit – it ties a woman's look together in the most elegant way possible. Pinwheel Jewels has a dazzling variety of designers and brands, offering their unique pieces online at incredible prices. I was delighted to receive two pieces of jewelry from the lovely owners of the company, and have been wearing them both ever since. Jewelry has always been my one weakness when it comes to shopping – I am always on the look out for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that add character and a bold edge to my outfits. The earrings I wore in this particular shoot were particularly alluring – with an oriental influence clearly found, the delicate gold piece is easy to wear on any occasion and yet, its beauty calls for a special moment to wear it on. With the holiday season upon us, a time for gift-giving, for family dinners and a time, overall for celebration, jewelry like this is just what you need.

What do you think of this look? 


gold and red.

Nov 26, 2013

The one downside to living in a tropical country – where sunshine is ample and rain is our only form of climate disruption – is the lack of seasons. Fall, winter and spring are exempted from our weather cycles, and instead, the years are seeped into summer. So while the rest of the world is preparing for winter, heading to department stores to stock up on trench coats and rain boots, our wardrobes have no sense of change. It is always a dream to travel to a colder country, just for a hint of a different lifestyle – no where winter is reflected in our daily outfits. But, it is not too difficult to incorporate a sense of fall and winter into our looks here in Singapore. With a few key pieces, channel a winter-esque demeanor in the midst of sun-soaked, humid country.
When approaching this look, there are two pieces that express seasonal fashion in an ideal manner: the winter sweater and the winter boots. With sweaters, the perfect ensemble is a sweater and shorts combination, which is quintessential in the guide of celebrity street style. Slip a warm sweater on and pair it with your favorite pair of shorts to have a balance between winter and summer fashion. With the freezing temperatures of our favorite malls, this look is even more convenient and it allows us to dip into Topshop and New Look's plentiful stock of winter-wear. An even more convenient path to attaining this look is the crop-top sweater, as pictured above in a luscious plum tone. With the crop-top sweater, a pair of jeans is a fitting pair and evokes an even greater sense of fall. To complete the look, sleek winter boots are ideal. Though this is a foreign concept in Singapore, and it is rare to see people donning boots on a regular basis, they can easily be bought and applied to a summer look. Think Coachella – the music festival during which a simple summer dress and clothes tweaked especially for warm weather are paired with ankle boots. To make a statement, choose a pair of boots – such as the oversized, covetable Jeffrey Campbell editions or even a New-York-sleek Michael Kors option – and wear it with any casual look. Not only will it enhance your ensemble, but it adds the perfect touch of winter essentials, without taking away from the simplicity of summer style. 

What do you think of these options? How do you incorporate winter fashion in a summer outfit?


winter essentials: singapore edition.

Nov 23, 2013

At the brush of your fingertips, a world of inspiration – of art, fashion, poetry and design – is accessible to you. That is how I perceive Tumblr. It is known as a place to find funny posts, hilarious news clips, and a pastime, a form of procrastination to teenagers across the world. But Tumblr's diversity allows for it to have multiple functions and one of these are undeniable: Tumblr is a place to be inspired. My dashboard constantly sparks my interest, and therefore, inspires me in an array of ways. My Tumblr, which you can find here (and also ask me as many questions as you want!) is an assortment of that inspiration, on one quick source. Here are my favorite photographs which pop up on my dash and influence my wardrobe on a daily basis! 
 Accessory Inspiration: Accessories complete an outfit, and there is no lack of accessory-photographs on Tumblr. From oversized chain necklaces to assortments of gold, iridescent rings, there is a large supply of opulence to be discovered. These photographs fuel wardrobe inspiration and might even cause a quick trip to the nearest Accessorize store for some retail therapy. 
 Fashion Inspiration: As I've said before, in multiple outfit posts and collection reviews, its all in the details. There is no void in fashion photography on Tumblr, as it is arguably the company's strongest core. My Tumblr is not just focused on fashion, but when photographs of outfit details – such as the ones above – appear on my dashboard, I cannot resist reblogging a few. From pleated hemlines to aztec-embellished shorts to striking nail polish, Tumblr has the best of contemporary fashion and in a beautiful light. 
 Hair Inspiration: Having a bad hair day every now and then is inevitable. To obviate the chances of this happening, stock up photos of hair-inspiration. From flower-crowned manes to smooth, perfectly-placed waves – and, of course, the influx of braid ideas – hair-inspiration is the most applicable kind.
Interior + Design Inspiration: Since my family and I just moved to a new apartment, and renovation was a long process, I naturally turned to Tumblr for my dose of inspiration. From there, I was able to confirm the small details of my room, solely from reblogging and admiring the many interior design photographs I found. Sun-soaked rooms with minimalistic appeals, wooden desks with a bevy of flowers – all pieces of design that I sought when designing my own room. 

Tumblr is one of the few places where all these categories of inspiration can come together on one beautiful platform. This factor gives Tumblr its fame, and its penchant for creativity has drawn in millions of users around the world. For those of you who are not familiar with it, head over now to create your own Tumblr or to discover thousands of photos from influential sources.

Find more unlimited inspiration on my Tumblr here! Be sure to follow me and leave your Tumblr links in the comments.


unlimited inspiration.

Nov 20, 2013

All images from Vogue UK.

Every year, when H&M reveals its groundbreaking designer collaboration which fuels a media frenzy, I resign myself to the idea that I can admire the clothes, but never actually own them. While I covet the gorgeous creations on an annual basis, I am not adventurous enough – as thousands of other fashionistas across the world (read this and this) – to start lining up outside H&M at 3 AM, and swarm into the store at the crack of dawn. With school in the way too, it was impossible for me to head to the beautiful Orchard outlet and get a chance to finally own Isabel Marant originals this year. Nonetheless, it is never too late to share my love for the collection, and explore the aesthetics of Marant's "LA-cool" looks. In the lookbook photographs above, which features models that emulate the Marant vibe in every possible way, certain continuities are clear. Leather pants, subdued but dizzying tribal prints, and fringe-adorned boots – accessories and details which shine through amongst the rest. The look on the farthest right displays a very prairie-chic vibe, with feminine frills and a subtle sheer tone to the fabric. This look could be seen as one of the few exceptions, with the rest embodying the eclectic flavor of the city of Los Angeles, which Marant cites as her greatest inspiration. 

"I love the LA cool way of life—it’s more laid back. I'm an American sportswear lover, and I’ve always been inspired by the skateboard, surf, and baseball apparel," Marant told Who What Wear. In her collection for H&M, the influence of sportswear is detectable, but cultural influences seem to take prevalence. An Aztec-esque jacket, worn in the lookbook photographs above, is adorned with a fabulous array of warm-toned jewels, while a simple zig-zag pattern, beautifully blended into a kaleidoscopic wonder, was repeatedly shown in the collection. Above, on the far left, a stunning tailored jacket, with touches of silk, is an example of both French design and a slightly androgynous look. Colors used sparked visuals of either desert landscapes or LA streets, with blazing tones of red, solemn, minimalistic hues, and no-nonsense shades of burgundy and chocolate-brown. Leather was notably incorporated through pants and trousers, though Marant herself states that "they aren't easy" to style. For the daring shopper, leather pants are ideal for fall and winter, with Marant's embellished creations. In an interview with FASHION Magazine, Marant explained that America to her means freedom, and this very idea is expressed in her H&M collaboration and her own label. French chic is constantly in sync with a facile sense of offhandedness, which is a pretty remarkable combination.
The accessories of the collection sparked a more high-fashion vibe, but Marant's LA-inspiration did not waver. Even with gold-covered stilettos, a hint of grunge is visible in the subtle 'tarnished' application. Leather boots with fringe are further imitations of American style, with a certain cowgirl appeal, as described by American Vogue. Jewelry is simple, silver and versatile, with delicate earrings and large cuffs. Everything about the collection is what Marant is all about, and kudos to her for keeping her aesthetics in mind while also designing for a high-street, affordable label. The collection, with its many themes and connotations, is exactly what the younger generation of fashion yearns for: clothes that are effortless but powerful. 


isabel marant pour h&m.

Nov 15, 2013

Images: Dee of Souldeelight Photography
Hair/Makeup: Vanessa Abad
With splashes of color bursting through every corner and a penchant for capturing even the slightest bit of hidden light, Souldeelight Photography, led by the lovely Dee, is hands down one of the most talented photographers in Singapore. As there are dozens who hold this title – and many of whom I've had the pleasure to work with – I can say without a doubt that Souldeelight Photography does exactly what photos should do in the first place: excite and delight all those who witness it. Which is why I was honored to work with Dee for one long but incredibly rewarding evening in which we did a portrait session. Tucked into a quaint and wonderfully secretive area of the island, Dee and her team, which included a fabulous hair and makeup artist, Vanessa, brought immense amounts of talent and dedication into our shoot. The theme, which was time in all forms, was almost daunting for me as I was nervous about how to bring this idea to life. However, this fear was put to rest with the help of the team and, of course, the beautiful ancient clocks which served as props for the shoot. For makeup, subtlety was the main factor and Vanessa did an incredible job to carefully apply this theme, with light and fairytale-esque makeup. For the hair, I was over-the-moon with the stunning bun and braid combination, which I hope to master someday myself. As I was the stylist-of-sorts for the shoot, I opted for a simple maxi-dress from the ever-reliable Forever 21, which evoked the concept – youth, love, and long summers. For the second look, I chose a chic, though innocent, mini dress, pulled together with an elegant black belt. The dramatic neckpiece was the finishing touch and added flamboyance to the ensemble. While this is not a look I am accustomed to donning on an everyday basis, it speaks to my inner style perfectly and with all the surrounding factors – the breathtaking location and talent of those I worked with – it worked to our advantage. It was one of the most memorable evenings for me and it could not have been possible without Dee, whose photographs continue to astound me in every way. Whether she is capturing the precious moments of family life or completing a series of photographs for one of Singapore's popular blogshops, Dee never fails to portray her subjects with all the natural beauty she can find. The shoot we had in mind, while planning together for countless hours, had the purpose of bringing ethereal, princess-like qualities to it. Dee managed to do this and more, and I had the pleasure of being princess for a day. 
Once again, an immense thank you to Dee for one of the best experiences I've had in my years of blogging. I will most definitely be looking forward to our future projects. 


souldeelight photography x moments with meera.

Nov 11, 2013

Rihanna for River Island Campaign
When everyone from Rihanna to Rita Ora is donning the creations of British high-street label, River Island, it is no surprise that the brand has sparked unimaginable success and a loyal fan-following. Here in Singapore, the store closed in 2012, but with the help of Zalora Singapore – one of the most prominent online retailers in the country – River Island is once again available. Adding on to their impressive and truly vast variety of labels, Zalora now includes the iconic River Island, just in time for the holiday season. With form-flattering, chic party dresses, black suede boots with delicate stilettos, and a range of handbags ideal for both formal and casual occasions, River Island has never been better.  Look out for ornate, flamboyant earrings and dozens of leopard-print options, from heels to clutches.  Zalora offers both the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, along with the Rihanna x River Island collection – which is labelled as one of the more memorable collaborations of the year. Rihanna's work for the brand consists of a stellar 80-piece collection, which merges the aesthetics of sports-luxe with British elegance. Pop culture stands evidently as an influencing factor for the A/W collection, but sophistication is a retaining factor.
Behind-the-scenes with Rihanna
A/W 2013 Campaign

From the sweetheart cut-out dress to the snake-skin body-con, River Island never fails to provide customers with a combination of the latest trends and graceful details. With all this, and more, River Island x Zalora is an irreproachable partnership. 

zalora x river island.

Nov 5, 2013

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