"long walks on the beach" | nishka lulla.

Jan 11, 2014

All images from Stylista.

If there was ever a precise title for a piece of clothing, Nishka Lulla's "Long Walks on the Beach" skirt, owns it. The uniquely fitted maxi-skirt evokes images of beachwear – and it seems ideal for its namesake: a long walk on the beach. The mint-green hue and cinched pleats at the waistline bring the otherwise simple skirt to life. The A-line structure emphasizes the design further, and paired with an adorable top (like the one above) the ensemble is flawless in itself. The skirt depicts a certain bohemian air, which is a look I am determined to experiment with during the course of the season. In particular, I am currently coveting this gorgeous skirt, as it combines this boho-chic vibe with a certain simplicity.
Now that I'm in Mumbai, India, exploring Indian fashion is easier than ever and more enjoyable than than the vicarious thrills I would get from flipping through pages of Vogue India. And through the research and window-shopping, Nishka Lulla is one of the designers I have come to love the most. Lulla's designs, simply-put, are clean and concise. The synthesis of classic silhouettes, bubblegum-esque shades, and feminine aesthetics makes for a flawless brand. Lulla's energetic, youthful designs are favored by India's most well-dressed celebrities, and are sold on leading shopping ventures. Through Stylista, a fabulous e-commerce website that proudly provides users with "Made in India" labels, I discovered limited-edition pieces such as this one, and all at incredible prices. It is coined as India's first 'collaborative platform' for Indian clothing, and it brings a sense of accessibility to renowned designer pieces. You can explore more of Stylista, and Lulla's irresistibly fun concoctions, here.

What do you think of "Long Walks on the Beach"?



  1. Great selection its beautiful.

  2. Wow! Looks beautiful <3


  3. Hey Meera
    thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and leaving ur lovely comment...it led me straight to your blog..coz I had to know more about you..
    And wow am I blown away or what!! you are so young so talented and so sure of yourself..its amazing.
    You are doing such a lovely job with your blog..loved browsing through it..
    I am ur latest obsessive follower..
    hope to c more of u :)

  4. N oh ur in Mumbai now :)
    I am based out of Pune..short picturesque drive..if u do decide to enjoy it..id love to meet up :)

  5. love the pretty blue! so feminine:)



  6. Love so much this color!
    Please visit me on www.astrescharmant.blogspot.com
    xo Aline Veiga


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